Fringe Season 5 Comic-Con Trailer

FRINGE Reciprocity (5)

For your viewing pleasure, FOX has released the Fringe Season 5 trailer that was screened at the Fringe Comic-Con panel earlier this month. At the panel, showrunner J. H. Wyman and the Fringe cast evaded discussion and questions that might hint too much at what viewers would see in the final season, but the trailer they screened provided a lot of material to get fans excited.

The trailer is actually more of a teaser, as it features a significant amount of footage from Season 4. Rather than using all new footage, this reel was used to get fans hyped about the plot lines that would be continuing in Season 5, while setting the stage for the Fringe division’s fight against The Observers in 2036. You can check it out for yourself below.

Fringe is scheduled to return to FOX on September 28, 2012 for its 5th and final season.