Burn Notice “Shock Wave” Review – What Price Freedom?

Burn Notice Shock Wave Season 6 Episode 6

In this episode of Burn Notice, called “Shock Wave,” Michael gets what he’s wanted for so long – the man who burned him dead and Fi back in his arms. Unfortunately those things both come at a great cost.

Going into this episode, I knew that someone was going to die and I also had a strong feeling that it would be Nate. Considering how wrong I was about who was going to die in the season premiere of Covert Affairs though, I didn’t really trust my instincts so I was still on high alert throughout the whole episode. I found myself keeping track of where everyone was and what they were all doing, which wasn’t very easy since all of them were once again split up.

I did worry about Sam a few times, as he was probably in mortal danger for the longest amount of time. But then I realized there is no way they’d ever get rid of Sam. Still, I found this episode extremely nerve-wracking, waiting for the inevitable. And boy did they make us wait. Right until the bitter end.

Because I saw it coming I stupidly, stupidly, thought that Nate’s death wouldn’t affect me. We hardly ever see Nate right? He’s not that important of a character, right? But oh man, when that shot took him down and Michael tried to reassure him that he was going to be okay, and Nate said he was scared and that bloody tear ran down his face…I was a gonner. They got me, but good.

Michael fought so hard to make sure that no one would get hurt in his quest to get Anson and though some people got maimed (or put in jail), no one had died. He made it all the way to very last second before losing his own brother and you have to figure that that is going to weight heavily on him. Will he be hesitant now on his missions; afraid to get someone else he loves hurt? Or will he turn into an angry killing machine, bent on seeking some sort of revenge on every bad guy he’s sent to catch from now on? Also, there’s of course the question of who shot Anson (and Nate) and why.

My favorite bits..

Pierce telling Michael that he needed a hobby.

“I’m going to break out of here, just to kick your ass.”
“Fair enough.”

“It’s the Agency’s loss. Sam’s just as good as I am…and he accepts domestic beer as payment.”

Sam snarkily asking why Maddie wasn’t handling surveillance and communications on Michael’s job, since Nate was going as transpo.

“Damn girl, you’re diabolical.” – Yep, that’s our Fi.

“Um.this is kind of awkward Mike, but that’s what a party looks like.”

Sam answering the door in a very unique way. Then again, when you’re talking about Michael and his crew, answering a door with a big gun is probably not that strange.

“It’s just a flesh wound.”
“Whatever. That’s twice in one day! It’s got to stop.”

Ugh, the more Nate gets into trouble and Michael yells at him, the more I know that it’s Nate who’s going to die.

Yikes. Just *looking* at that little space in the wall made me claustrophobic, I don’t know how Fi sat in there.

“I’ve never strangled a friend in cold blood before, but it’s early.”

“I know what I’m doing. Does that make you feel better?” – If Sam said that to me, it would TOTALLY make me feel better. Sam is the man.

Sam building a homemade bazooka. See? Like I said, he’s the man.

“One down!”
“Yeah, now there’s only three people trying to kill us.”

“Breakfast meat is magic.” – Best. Line. Ever.

“We got you, you little vest wearing son of a bitch.”

Sam just made a weapon. Out of bacon. THE MAN.

“Technically they’re going to blow up the house. I’m just going to help.”

“Get away from me, you smell like bacon.”

“Mike, I got this.” – Oh Nate….please no.

Nate telling Michael that he was scared and that blood-stained tear running down his face – that’s the moment I lost it.

Michael preparing himself before going inside to tell his mother that his brother was dead.

“Fi, I need you more than ever.”

What did you think of this episode of Burn Notice? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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