Whose Fans Are Emmy Voters Trolling? (Part Two)

Last week, we discussed the comedy fans being trolled by the Television Academy voters. This week, we shine the spotlight on some of the more prominent drama snubs. As with any award season, exuberant fans of television programs have taken to the interwebs to express displeasure over the exclusion of their favorite drama. Do they have a strong case? Let’s take a look.


Fringe Letters of Transit Season 4 Episode 19

Much like the Community fans in the comedy spectrum, Fringe fans have become the angry, bitter wives of television viewers. They have certainly taken their fair share of shots recently: The show was banished to Fridays, is ignored by the general populace, and never gets any love from the Emmy voters.

However, unlike the Community fans, Fringe fans have a legitimate beef. Fringe won’t be nominated for a Best Drama Emmy (and it shouldn’t), but John Noble certainly is worth a nomination in the Supporting Actor category. I realize I’m not breaking new ground by saying Noble is deserving, but it’s certainly worth repeating. At this point, Noble has portrayed 4 different versions of the same character. While that’s true of most of the characters on the show, none have done with quite the same amount of skill. It’s a shame that Fringe continues to fly under the radar. As long as it does, Noble won’t be recognized.

Acceptable Rage Rating: 4/5


Justified Coalition Season 3 Episode 12

Last season, Justified rode an epic season and performance from Margo Martindale to Emmy nominations for the show’s particulars. This year, Raylan and Boyd got shut out of the race entirely (Only Jeremy Davies as Dickie Bennett scored a nomination). Justified seems like that show that will be perpetually on the fringes of all the categories. Truly, there is no shame in being the 7th best show on television right now. At the top of the heap, television is in a really good place right now.

Still, it’s stunning that Neal McDonough couldn’t score a nomination for his outstanding work this past season. It’s nice that Lane Pryce and the Downton Abbey guys are getting their due, but one of the spots belongs to McDonough. The brash coolness and constantly evolving mania of Robert Quarles ratcheted up the tension of this season of Justified several notches. Justified fans: Your beef is acknowledged and recognized.

Acceptable Rage Rating: 4.5/5

60s French Music

Mad Men At the Codfish Ball Season 5 Episode 7

Through four seasons, Mad Men was one of the more critically-acclaimed shows of all-time and hailed by many as the Best Show on TV. It had a well-established cast full of regulars who were always nominated for Emmys. Therefore, it came as a huge surprise when Jessica Pare stepped on screen as Megan Draper and took over the show for the first handful of episodes.

I know a lot of people were split over Mrs. Draper, but there is no denying she is the main player in one of the more vivid scenes from the fifth season.

I’m sure many ladies would agree that making Jon Hamm blush has got to be worth an Emmy nomination. Once again, Megan Draper DOMINATED the start of this Mad Men season. Peggy had some nice moments as well, but it’s tough to imagine anyone having a larger impact on the trajectory of this season than Megan Draper. Fans of French music (and French people in general), white carpets, and orange sherbet can feel free to be outraged.

Acceptable Rage Rating: 5/5

Dexter Haters

Dexter Season 7 Trailer

It’s pretty difficult to deny that Dexter completely went off the rails last season. As a long time fan of the show, I was rather disappointed to see the sad downturn of the show. While waiting for the inevitable Debra discovery of Dexter’s side work, it seems that the writers out-thought themselves. The entire religion angle surrounding this season didn’t really work, and even the wonderful Michael C. Hall seemed to struggle with the limited material he was given. Hall has been carrying a mediocre cast and writing for coming up on seven seasons now, but last season was far from his best work.

The worst part about his nomination is all of the deserving lead actors that could have been given that slot. (Cut to a shot of Timothy Olyphant and Kelsey Grammer nodding vigorously.) The Dexter haters were ready to bury this show for good. Now, they have to deal with a world where Michael C. Hall was nominated in a season where he pursued a killer with the power of blogging (I’m in the wrong business), and the big twist of the season was called by viewers several weeks in advance. It seems like everybody has a legit beef in this column.

Acceptable Rage Rating: 4.5/5

Sons of Anarchy

The fans of FX’s biker gang series have really started to get chap by the awards process. They recognize that it is tough to score nominations for a lot of the men on the show, but they find the continued snub of Peg Bundy Katey Segal continually vexing. While it’s true that she is probably deserving of a nomination at some point, fans of Sons of Anarchy have to realize that the Academy likes to largely ignore FX shows. It’s a sad reality, but they can join the cast from Justified in a Harlan dive bar to drown their sorrows. At this point, it’s time for them to give up on the Emmy process.

Acceptable Rage Rating: 2.5/5

Once again, the Emmy voters have taken it upon themselves to troll some of the more ardent television fans in the world. Do they care? No. Should you care? Probably not, but it’s always good to know when you’re being trolled by someone.