Rizzoli & Isles “Cuts Like a Knife” Review

After last week’s disturbing kidnapping of Jane, season 3 of Rizzoli & Isles continued with a more crime-centered episode – “Cuts Like a Knife.” The episode began with a bloody bride stumbling into her wedding. At the same time, Jane watched Angela, Frankie and Frost help her neighbor Riley move into her apartment when they were supposed to be helping her set up her new bed. Rather than moving Jane’s bed in, Angela was looking to move out some non-stick pots and pans in her apartment and give them to Riley. Isn’t Jane due for a break?

There was no discussion of why Jane was getting a new bed but I wondered if she was “cleansing” her bedroom to get a fresh start after the ordeal with Dominick.

Unfortunately for Jane, her hopes of getting her bed set up were thwarted as the team was called to investigate the murder of the bride. After confirming the groom’s alibi, the team turned their attention to his volatile ex – Vicki. While looking at the crime scene, the detectives found a photo of Anja (the murdered bride) and her younger sister Lea.

Seth revealed that a non-profit group, Samaritan Girl, sponsored the sisters relocation to the United States. The team also discovered that Seth had a crazy ex-girlfriend, Vicki, who was no fan of Anja’s. Vicki did very little to establish her innocence as she continued to rant about how Anja stole her boyfriend. Not only were Vicki’s prints on the cake knife, she attacked Anja’s character and was unabashedly ecstatic that Seth was back on the market.

Jane’s new neighbor continued to be the center of attention with Frankie and Frost. Jane found Frankie and Riley at the bar and her goodbye kiss indicated that his affections were not unrequited. Shortly after Frankie’s departure, Frost showed up for his own date and kiss with Riley.

As viewers, we’ve watched Angela and Lieutenant Cavanaugh’s flirtatiousness with each other during previous episodes this season. Jane noted the chemistry between the two this week and wondered if Angela had a new romantic interest. Looks like Angela was doing a little multi-tasking as she managed to work in some positive pointers about her son and the upcoming detective exam as she flirted.

As a good sister and friend, Jane told Frankie and Frost that Riley was playing them both. Surprisingly, the guys both knew that they were dating the same woman but figured it was all fair play until one of them got lucky or more “serious” with her.

Despite Frankie and Frost being fine with the arrangement, Jane was still suspicious of her new neighbor. After Jane overheard Riley’s phone call about “5000 liquid units,” she decided to take a closer look at her neighbor’s criminal history. Jane learned that not only was Riley a drug dealer, according to Cavanaugh she was a key drug unit target.

Cavanaugh advised Jane to keep quiet about Riley’s criminal hobbies. Instead, Frankie and Frost learned about her illegal activities as they watched her arrive at the station as part of a big drug bust. Poor Frankie. Not only did he blow his interview to be a detective, Cavanaugh decided to pour salt in his wounds by suggesting he investigated the girls he dated before getting his shield.

As expected, the team caught the bride’s murderer. The main suspects, Crazy Vicky and Manny the sex offender, turned out to be red herrings. Chris, of Samaritan Girl, turned out to be a murderer and sex trafficker.

The episode was pretty tame, which was a welcome change after last week’s kidnapping. I’m surprised and a little disappointed that there was no discussion or follow-up about Jane’s traumatic experience with Dominick. Indeed, it was business as usual on Rizzoli & Isles.

What did you think of this week’s episode? More importantly – Dorothea vs. Clementine – which do you prefer? Sound off below!