Exclusive: TV Equals Talks To Some Disney Villains at Comic-Con 2012 [Video]

disney villains comic-con 2012

As you have probably noticed, we interviewed lots of people while at Comic-Con this year, but one of our very favorite interview were the Disney Villains!

Let me explain. Our very own Dyanamaria Leifsson decided to dress up as the Evil Queen for Comic-Con once again (if you remember we had written about her awesome costume last year), but this time she brought 10 of her friends along all dressed up as a Disney Villain, it was brilliant. Seeing them walk around Comic-Con was really impressive, they were literally stopped every five minutes for pictures and understandably so.

That’s why we were really excited when these Disney Villains spared a few minutes of their time to do a very exclusive interview with TV Equals.

Take a look at the video and more photos below. Enjoy and share with all your friends!

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