White Collar “Diminishing Returns” Review – Talk About Huge Revelations!

White Collar "Diminishing Returns" Season 4 Episode 3

You know, I’m thinking that I should start keeping track of shows where I write a whole bunch of notes about one thing and end up throwing most of them out because of something that happens in the last five minutes of an episode.

Tonight’s episode of White Collar, called “Diminishing Returns,” would be high on the list because boy did they pull off a doozy in the last few minutes. But let’s start with the beginning of the episode, shall we?

Peter is stuck working in “the cave” (aka the evidence warehouse) after being pulled off of the White Collar unit for his supposed mishandling of Neal. So now he’s the one whose movements are being watched and whose freedom is being compromised – well, at least by his nasty boss, Agent Patterson. I felt like all Peter needed was an anklet and he would be Neal. It was kind of a nice change of roles though.

Meanwhile Neal is feeling guilty about Peter’s predicament and decides to help out on a big case that’s very important to his partner. I was happy to see that though Neal spearheaded it; Peter still had a big part to play in the plan. In fact, it felt like they worked more together in this episode than even in the last one. I was missing seeing them go undercover together and loved when they hit the athletic club together to work their scheme.

Add to that the fact that Mozzie made his triumphant return – not only surprising Neal but also showing up like a little elf to help Peter get out of trouble with Patterson – and you’d think the episode was wrapped up nicely with a bow. But that’s where you’d be wrong, because in the last few minutes Neal and Peter sit down to have a chat, the results of which still have my head reeling.

Neal was raised in the Witness Protection program? His father (James) was accused of murdering a cop? His last name is his mother’s maiden name? He was raised under the name Danny Brooks?

Amazing how they can reveal so much in so little time and yet leave me with still so many questions.

My favorite bits…..

Shirtless Neal to start off the episode? Me likey.

Aw, I’m gonna kinda miss scruffy Neal but the return of the hat, and that smile he gave the mirror, made it all worthwhile.

Neal interpreting the honking horns as “welcome home” – um yeah, suuuuure that’s what it meant.

Kinda loving that the first thought Peter had, when finding out he’d been sent to “the cave,” was to find out what was going to happen to Neal.

“Evidence. How bad can it be?” – How did I know that he was going to somehow regret those words?

Neal bringing Peter lunch. Aw.

I’m with Neal. That “picnic area” does indeed look a lot like a prison yard. Just sayin’.

Peter making Neal tell him everything about his dad.

Wondering what kind of report Agent Patterson would turn in if Peter punched him in the nose for making him wait that last minute before leaving. Cuz that’s what I kinda wanted him to do.

“Since when do I need keys?” – Ha! That’s our Neal. Love seeing these two working together again.

“Do they know how many criminals you’ve taken off the street?”
“I think it’s the one I left on the street that’s the problem.”

Yep, Neal’s right about lefties getting ink on their palms. So freaking annoying.

Peter so engrossed in waiting for his phone to ring that he spilled the coffee.

Loving Peter and Neal in the (almost) matching workout gear. So awesome.

The frantic hand signals Neal kept giving Peter, and the game of “hot potato” with the phone.

“You scoped out their security?”
“Ring shopping’s not really my thing.”

YAY!! Mozzie!! *barely stops self from hugging TV*

“Who needs the fuzz when you have me?”

Neal reassuring Peter that he didn’t steal the jewels, they were June’s.

Neal getting Peter to pick up the royal blue diamond, and then teaching Neal how to do it. Fantastic!

“Welcome back to White Collar, Agent Burke.” – Neal’s joy at saying that was so sweet.

Love it! Mozzie to the rescue!

Finding out that Neal grew up in Witness Protection. Wow. Just….wow.

“No you didn’t, you’re not a killer.”
“No, but I’m a criminal.”

“You said there were lines my father would never cross, but he did. I need to know who I am.”

What did you think of this episode of White Collar? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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