The LA Complex “The Contract” Review – Danishes Make You Look Stupid!

The L.A. Complex The Contract Season 2 Episode 2 (4)

I learned several things from The LA Complex this week. 1.) Jewel Staite is an adorable blonde. 2.) Up until literally the last 10 seconds of “The Contract” I despised King’s character more than I’ve ever disliked a television personality before. 3.) I’m not a fan of asymmetrical haircuts. And 4.) danishes make you look stupid.

Also, I love Sabrina.

It’s Nick’s first day in the writer’s room, and it’s a damn good thing Sabrina (or “Mrs. Rick” as she was lovingly called) was with him or he would have tanked. Sabrina and Nick work really well together, but it comes as a surprise when they’re told that only one of them can stay on as a writer. Sabrina is obviously the better comedian of the pair, but my spidey sense tells me that Nick just might pull this one out of the fire… probably by stealing Sabrina’s jokes again.

Abby has her first day on her new Christian show as the promiscuous new girl, a part that she plays into beautifully by showing up in a bra and shorts. As much as I wasn’t a fan of Abby in the first season of The LA Complex, she’s grown on me as the episodes have continued in season two. She’s still a little bit too precious for my taste, a little too wide eyed and trusting, but she’s working hard to make herself successful, so I can overlook that.

I’m not a fan of her and Nick as a couple, but judging by the previews for next week I may not have to deal with that much longer.

Connor and Raquel decide to become bf/gf until Connor is approached by a famous movie star to be her hired boyfriend for six months. Turns out that people actually do that sort of thing all the time to make themselves relevant in the public eye… who knew??

Connor isn’t down with the idea, but Raquel convinces him to go for it. She’s struggling with casting agents seeing her as standoffish and, in one of the funnier scenes of The LA Complex, Raquel is sitting in on an acting class that is supposed to explain how people perceive you as a person.

Poor Raquel. Some pretty harsh adjectives flew around about her, but she handled it in true form – by basically flipping the entire room the bird and marching out with her head held high. And then she went and accepted a role in “Catabear 2” – half cactus half bear – and something that I hope the SyFy Channel produces for real.

Let’s start a petition and get Staite to play the lead.

Remember the little boy and his sister from last week? Simon and Beth? They came down to smog covered LA from beautiful Canada so they could move out of their car and into a real home? Turns out that putting all of their eggs in that director’s basket wasn’t the best idea in the world. The director admits to just giving Beth his card because he was hitting on her, and meanwhile, Beth and Simon get a room at the Luxe. Beth will repair the electric wiring in exchange for the room… Now they just need to find $1200 for the kid’s headshots and agent fees.

Also, I know we don’t know their backstory, but Beth is really freaking protective of her little brother. I’m an older sister of four, neurotic, and a worrier… and even I would let my siblings out of my sight for two minutes.

This leads me to King’s story. Surprise! King is still alive. He’s in the hospital where they committed him because he basically said that he was sorry he wasn’t dead and that he would try to off himself again. Then, in group therapy, King goes crazy and snaps on everyone and makes me hate him so much I can’t even look at the damn screen and I contemplate turning off The LA Complex because I have such rage for a fictional character (sorry for the run on, but it’s needed).

He’s supposed to be this big tough guy… and yet he takes out his anger on everyone around him, but won’t talk about anything or do a damn thing to help himself. I understand that this is part of his issue and that he can’t talk about his situation for fear of what people will thing, but good lord, come on. I wanted him gone. For good.

Then the last 10 seconds of the episode happened and I felt like a big meanie for thinking that King should just deal with his issues when he obviously feels like he can’t.

I still don’t like him overly much, but I’ll learn to tolerate it.

That’s all she wrote for The LA Complex this week! What say you?

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