Teen Wolf “Party Guessed” Review

How adorable is Stiles in this picture?

Viewers learned a lot on this week’s episode of Teen Wolf but the most important lesson might have been to avoid the special punch at parties. It gave an entirely new significance to the term b.y.o.b.

Lydia (along with Peter Hale), returned to Teen Wolf with a bang after being left out of last week’s shifter shenanigans. It is sad that her friends, although absolutely well-intentioned, have completely missed what’s going on with her. The kanima may be murderous but it at least it has a code to which it has strictly adhered (looking at you Argents).

In season one, Peter was motivated by revenge. Having accomplished that mission by killing Kate Argent in the season finale, who knows what his agenda is now – aside from resurrecting his entire family. He achieved this feat with the assistance of Lydia’s birthday party and a little wolfsbane-laced punch.

Sadly, because Lydia has earned a reputation as the reigning queen of Crazy Town Banana Pants (Community reference) her classmates no longer saw her birthday party as the preeminent social event that it used to be. Compelled by their guilt (and Allison) for neglecting their troubled friend, Scott and Stiles used their respective pull with the lacrosse and drag communities to get Lydia’s party started. Even Jackson showed up but it is unclear whether he did that for Lydia or whether his master compelled him to show up – more on that later. Words cannot express how much I loved that Stiles invited the drag queens he met during his kanima-chasing excursion to Jungle.

The wolfsbane punch led to disturbing hallucinations for Jackson, Scott, Allison and Stiles. In their hazy state, the friends were each forced to face their inner fears and insecurities. The least compelling was Scott’s – I hope that in the third season his character will develop more depth. Surely, there has to be more to him than his fear of losing Allison. Although painfully obtuse, Scott has demonstrated a steadfast care for the safety of those around him. Sure, he dropped the ball when he let Jackson escape while he played kissy face with Allison but that seemed like pretty normal behavior. (Note: It’s only normal if you also accept that while in the heat of the moment Scott had no use of his heightened senses – or perhaps it was all “concentrated” into one place.)

Jackson’s inner fears were pretty predictable as we have learned more about his issues with being adopted and it is very likely that he knows what happened to his birth parents. Likewise, we have previously witnessed Allison’s struggle with being more independent and learning how to protect/defend herself.

The most compelling part of the party was the disturbing revelations made through Stiles’s hallucination. My heart crushed to learn that Stiles blames himself for his mother’s death and for his father’s drinking and current unemployment status. Okay, his dad’s job status may actually be his fault but no one should carry around that much guilt about themselves – especially someone who is so kind, thoughtful and funny. The funny ones always have the darkest sides. Poor Stiles.

Lydia conveniently left her party as all hell broke loose, which led to one of the two major revelations in last night’s episode – the master of the kanima. Admittedly, I never liked Matt. The guy has been a Creepy McCreeperton since the first picture we saw him snap of Allison. In a less shocking revelation, we learned that Creepy had been taking pictures of Allison EVERYWHERE! And by everywhere, I mean he had one too many “candids” of Allison through the windows of her home. With all the cameras the Argents have erected around Beacon Hills how is that no one other than Danny, Stiles and maybe Scott’s mom noticed that Allison had a bona fide stalker?

It turned out that Creepy had an even bigger secret – he is the kanima’s master. As much as I dislike Matt, I felt so horrible when the crazed partygoers tossed him in the pool. As someone with an acute fear of water, being thrown into a pool (or any body of water) is never funny. We quickly learned that Matt came with a bodyguard – his kanima. Question – how long do you think Stiles and Scott were going to stand there and watch Matt scream for help?

I was shocked to learn that Matt was the master of the kanima. I had finally accepted that he was there to stalk Allison, snap pictures and creep viewers out. In hindsight, Matt being the master explains a lot about Jackson’s naked, aggressive behavior towards Allison in the locker room a few weeks ago. Now if he could just tell me why he made Jackson swallow that snake or hallucinate that he did it, we’d be all squared away. Actually, we wouldn’t. There are still so many questions to be answered. We still don’t know why Mr. Harris has been involved nor do we know the connection between Matt and the swim team. Isaac also has an interesting connection to the story as well.

Speaking of Isaac, it’s official – I like Derek’s pack. They’ve come a long way from the start of the season. I was surprised to see how much Boyd knew about the spirals. He exudes a very quiet, understated maturity. And how amazing was Isaac when the full moon craziness was at its peak?

Poor Derek. My favorite, angst-ridden Alpha had his hands full this week. Ushering his young betas through their first full moon was the least of his worries. Thanks to a little wolfsbane blown into his face by Lydia, Derek found himself at the center of Peter’s resurrection plan. I have no idea what happened, why Lydia’s immunity was important nor do I understand when and or how Peter knew Lydia was immune. It appeared as though Peter deprived Derek of his Alpha status. On last night’s post-episode u-stream chat, Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis said that Derek’s powers are not gone and that Dr. Deaton will help him sort things out.

Finally, the review would not be complete without a moment of silence for crazy ass Victoria Argent.

The second Allison put off having a talk with her mother to keep a close eye on Lydia, I knew crazy eyes Victoria was going to bite the dust. I also suspected that because she did not succumb to the bite, she would take personal responsibility for ensuring that she did not add to the Beacon Hills werewolf population.

I can’t believe Chris offered Victoria pills as a way out. Of course his crazy wife was going to do the deed with that same kitchen knife she used to feign a reason to speak with Scott’s mom several episodes ago. Grandpa Argent’s matter-of-fact attitude about “putting her down” made the entire ordeal worse. I also don’t understand why anyone would do that in their daughter’s room. I’ll never understand the mystery that was Victoria Argent. Rest in peace, you stone-cold psycho.

One last note on Victoria . . . We clearly saw her eyes change as she bit the dust. Was there any chance she didn’t die since she was turning? She should have healed, right? Or do you suppose that Chris and Gerald sawed her in half so that they could be sure she met the “true death?” (never knew how useful that True Blood phrase would be) Who knows? She would have been such an asset to Derek’s pack. One can dream, can’t they?

Paging Dr. Deaton! This week’s episode was AMAZING. However, Beacon Hills is out of control and in need of someone with some supernatural know-how, who is not crazy and has compassion – so that excludes the Argents. I suspect we will see the Beacon Hills veterinarian soon, with the high school counselor in tow. It looks like we will also see the emergence of bad ass Allison. I’m all for Allison protecting herself but she may NOT shed the blood of my beloved Derek. No ma’am. Maybe it would be a good time to tell her that her mom died because she was trying to kill Scott? Just a suggestion.

I say it each week, Teen Wolf‘s second season has been brilliant. Jeff Davis and company put that sappy, saccharine Scott/Allison romance on the backburner and improved upon a show that was already pretty good. You know a show is good when you are actually looking forward to a Monday! What did you think of this week’s episode? Sound off below!