Supernatural Chat: My Favorite Relationships

Supernatural - My Favorite Relationships

In any TV show that I watch, one of the aspects I love most about said show is the relationships that happen between the various and assorted characters on it. I’m always fascinated with how characters will interact with other characters and how one person may act differently around a certain character than they do around others. It’s like an intricate dance and a lot of fun to watch.

This is especially true on Supernatural. There are such complex relationships on this show that I find myself often looking forward to a character’s appearance, just so I can see the interaction and subtle (or sometimes no-so-subtle) changes they will bring out in the people around them.

Some relationships have been with the series since day one, while others have lasted only a few seasons, and some have lasted just a single episode, but all have made an impact on me in one way or another.

So here they are; my favorite relationships on Supernatural.

Sam and Dean

Supernatural - Like A Virgin - Sam and Dean hug

One cannot talk about the relationships on this show without bringing up the two eldest Winchester brothers. From day one we’ve seen the struggles that these two have had to endure, and also just how far they are willing to go to protect each other. I’ve seen other characters on other shows willing to die for one another but how often do they get to do that more than once? That’s what I call dedication.

Sam and Dean may not always like one another, in point of fact there have been times where they have downright hated each other, but the love that they share is like none I have seen too often. Though they’ve never said the words to each other (at least that we’ve seen on the show), Sam and Dean share a love that is as plain as the paint job on the Impala. It’s what keeps pulling them through every challenge, every trip to Hell (and worse), every separation, and all those times they thought that it was best they split up. Because though the enemies have tried to use that love against them, it’s never torn the brothers apart for long.

Dean and Castiel

Supernatural - Castiel and Dean

Dean Winchester is a man who hasn’t been able to depend on too many people in his life. Imagine what it would be like to grow up and be able to count on one, maybe two, hands how many people you can trust. When most of those people are also family (whether by blood otherwise), you’ve got to figure it must be hard to find friends.

But then Castiel walked into Dean’s life and after a rocky start, the two of them forged a bond and a connection that could be dared called a friendship. It was pretty unlikely when you think about it – an angel and a man becoming best friends, but then again when has Dean or Cas ever done something that could be called normal? And though that friendship has been torn asunder in the past season or two, I’m still hopeful that we’ll see it back again soon.

Sam and Ruby

Jared Padalecki as Sam, Genevieve Cortese as Ruby in SUPERNATURAL

The relationship between Sam and Ruby was nothing if not complicated. Not only was she embodied by two different people (which shouldn’t make a difference since it was the same character, but in my head it still does), she also went through a few other changes as well. In the beginning, Ruby was (supposedly) just another hunter, before her true identity as a demon was revealed. But underneath it all she wore the label of a cautious friend, not foe – at least in Sam’s eyes. Though we know now what she was trying to do to Sam, he still saw her as someone he could trust.

I was always fascinated by Sam and Ruby, but that fascination reached its peak in Season 4’s “Heaven and Hell” when I thought I spotted more going on between those two than we’d seen before. It wasn’t much, just a simple look, but it had me convinced for months that they were actually in love. Sure, it turned out I was wrong, but it didn’t stop me from enjoying every moment they shared on screen….up until, you know, she was revealed as a lying bitch and Dean plunged that knife into her heart.

Bobby and Ellen

Supernatural (CW) My Heart Will Go On

Poor Bobby. I know that Sam and Dean have had their fair share of heartbreak on this show, but it sure does feel like Bobby has gotten a bit more than that sometimes. When we met Bobby he was the gruff but caring elder hunter who stepped in and took care of the boys when their father wasn’t around – both as children and as adults. But let’s not forget that he was also a man who had lost his wife, not once but twice – and has now has lost his life, again not just once, but twice. Ellen had her own bad luck, too
– losing her husband, then her daughter and finally her own life in nearly the same moment.

So when, in Season 6’s “My Heart Will Go On,” we were given a look into a reality that saw these two together, it made me jump with joy. I know we only got to see them together for a very short while and we’ll likely never see it again, but those few moments left an impression on me. It was so nice (for once) to see Bobby and Ellen that happy, and I know I for one will never forget it.


Much like any other list I’ve made in this column, I could probably go on listing out favorites all day long. But now I’ll throw it out to you guys. Do you have any favorite relationships from the last seven seasons of Supernatural? Sound off in the comments below. I love hearing from you guys!

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