Perception “86’d” Review – “All We Think of Past, Present, and Future is a Story…”

Perception, TNT, Review

Perception has fallen into a nice rhythm as it moves into its third episode of the premiere season. “86’d” follows the same pattern as past episodes – there’s a case that Moretti (Rachael Leigh Cook) can’t solve, so she calls on ex-professor Pierce (Eric McCormack) to lend a hand in solving the case.

This time the case that Moretti is working on dates back all the way to 1986. A serial killer dubbed “The Date Night Killer”, reappears after 26 years of hiding. Girls start disappearing and it’s up to Pierce to dig deep into the mind of the one victim that survived all those years ago. There is just one problem – Lacy suffered a blow to the head while the killer held her captive, and thinks she’s still seventeen years old.

Pierce discovers that Lacy is actually suffering from a rare form of amnesia, but succeeds in helping the girl go “back to the future” (I had to, forgive me) and digs through her memories to find the killer before he strikes again.

“86’d” was actually a little sad. Lacy’s condition caused Pierce to confront a few things of his own – and he realizes (with the help of Natalie) that 1986 was the year when he started to “break”. It is also the first time that Pierce actually admits that he’s having an “episode” when he’s talking to Natalie.

Heartbreaking. It’s like the writers were like “we’ll give him a best friend that he feels that he can talk to and bond with, and the audience will feel for him etc, etc, etc…” and then followed it up with “lolz, nope.”

Perception has made me a fan from the beginning, and with the throw back to the 80s (however brief and not part of the major plot at all) I’m totally hooked.

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