Covert Affairs Exclusive: Christopher Gorham Answers Our 5 Burning Questions About Auggie

christopher gorham covert affairs season 3

Are you loving Covert Affairs this season? I know I am. The first two episodes have really set up a great base for the rest of the season. But that’s only the beginning.

TV Equals got the great opportunity to ask Christopher Gorham (Auggie himself) our five burning questions including what’s coming up for his character, his relationship with Annie and more.

Find out what he had to say below and don’t forget to tune in tonight for a brand new episode of Covert Affairs at 10pm on USA.

Can you tease what is coming for Auggie this season?

Christopher Gorham: Auggie’s going to have a tough year. One of the things we all love about Auggie is that he’s the person you can always count on. He prides himself on being that kind of man, driven, tireless and true. Part of what we’re exploring this season is what happens to him when he begins to lose his confidence. Without realizing it, Annie has become a real source of strength for him and the distance between them, and they get extremely distant, starts taking an unexpected toll. Parker plays a big role in his life this season as well, as he makes a real effort at a stable romantic relationship. And then there are pirates. Like I said, tough year.

Annie and Auggie, is there hope?

Christopher Gorham: There’s always hope! Here’s the thing, I truly believe that as long as we stay true to who these characters are then our audience will be with us no matter who Annie and Auggie end up choosing to be with. And, I can assure you that we’re in no rush either way.

Will we get more flashback episodes for Auggie?

Christopher Gorham: I don’t think we have any flashback episodes planned, exactly, but I can tell you this…we will see a sighted Auggie again this season and we will definitely continue exploring his back story. If you haven’t already checked it out, go to and play Sights Unseen. It’s the Covert Affairs prequel, that I directed, all about Auggie in the CIA soon after he was promoted to his current position. I put in little details the Auggie fans will enjoy.

One word to describe Auggie’s journey this season.

Christopher Gorham: Revelatory.

An Auggie moment that has stayed with you.

Christopher Gorham: The moment when he loses his unit in Iraq really sticks with me and not just because it’s such a seminal moment for Auggie, but because it’s a very real part of thousands of young American soldier’s lives. I’ve visited with some of those soldiers, I’m related to some of those soldiers and I’ve been in communication with some who never made it home. In Covert Affairs it’s all pretend, but we really work to get moments like that right because for thousands of soldiers, and their families, it’s all too real.

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