Exclusive Interview: The L.A. Complex Cassie Steele Talks Season 2, Playing Abby and Vampire Fashion

The L.A. Complex Cassie Steele

What drives Abby Vargas?

If you watch the gripping CW drama “The L.A. Complex“, you might sometimes ask that question about the spunky wannabee actress who doesn’t seem to know the meaning of the word “Quit”.

Well, you are in luck as that is one of the questions that TV Equals had the chance to ask the person who portrays Abby, the very charming Miss Cassie Steele who took some time out of her busy schedule to tell us about what is coming for Abby in this second season, what she feels is driving Abby and why being a vampire is better than being a werewolf.

Check out what she had to say below and don’t miss a new episode of The L.A. Complex “The Contract” which airs tonight at 9/8c on the CW.

It must be exciting to have a second season premiering in Canada and the U.S.

Cassie Steele: It is really exciting. I’m really glad that we got a second season. I feel like there was just so much more to tell after the sixth episode and there was so much of a cliffhanger that I’m excited for people to see what’s next.

What’s coming up for Abby in season 2?

Cassie Steele: Well, there may or may not be a love triangle. It’s a never ending job to kind of find her own place because, remember, she’s living with Nick right now. And she’s always trying to find a job. She left off last season with the movie thing. We’ll see if that falls through.

How was it for you to play that sort of relationship with the character of Nick, create that chemistry and the drama that goes along with that?

Cassie Steele: I think it’s really a situation that we all go through in relationships. I don’t think there’s any real speed or a pace that you can stick to. Nick and Abby, they haven’t known each other for that long and they’re essentially living together. This season picks up directly after the last season finishes. So, I guess, it’s just that weird phase.

They’ve been through a lot together and she’s going to come home to Toronto when she comes back. I just think everything at that stage in a relationship is so on the fence. It can fall one way and be really great, and it can fall the other way. That’s what happens in such close proximity, when you’re living with someone that you just started dating. It kind of makes things a little complicated.

Abby faces a lot of problems, but just keeps going. What do you think is driving her?

Cassie Steele: I think that Abby knows she’s getting into acting at that point and she’s kind of done it all her life on a very small scale with theater and at school. I think that everybody that wants to get into this world has to know that you’re not going to book something right away. It’s going to be really hard. Some people don’t book anything for years, and I think that she knows that. She knows that this is what she really wants to do.

She doesn’t want to do anything else, and that’s the number one thing that I’d say to anybody trying to make it, or trying to be in this industry, that you have to know you’re going to do it, or you’re never going to get there. You can’t just bank on other people. You have to have that confidence. You have to kind of wear it on your sleeve.

The scene where Abby is doing the audition, there’s a piano and vomit. That must’ve been interesting to shoot. That scene actually made it on ‘The Soup’.

Cassie Steele: Someone told me about that, yeah. I guess it’s sort of unusual. What’s the weirdest place that you’ve been sick? I guess for Abby it’s at her audition. But maybe that’s not the weirdest place that she’s been sick. It was pretty cool to film.

Do you have a back story for Abby that we don’t really know about?

Cassie Steele: She’s from Toronto and her and Tariq are friends. I’m assuming that they sort of met at university or high school or something like that, and they just have both been trying to make it down here, down to L.A. and they did. It’s just like everyone. It’s hard to make that move before Abby’s age, early twenties. It’s hard to make the move before then unless you have a lot of financial support and you have the means to get there. If you’re seventeen to twenty you’re a little bit young, really. I’m not saying that you’re going to go out for drinks, but you’re not even twenty one. You can’t even rent a car until you’re twenty five. So, it’s hard to make that move unless you know you’re going to have the means to get you by for pilot season or if longer than that.

A lot of your fans know you as Manny, your role on ‘Degrassi.’ How have your fans taken to Abby?

Cassie Steele: Abby and Manny are not the same, but they’re similar in many ways. They both want to be actresses. I’m an actress playing an actress playing an actress. I think they’ll really like Abby because like Manny she’s really free spirited. She doesn’t always make the right decisions, but she has a good heart, and you have to be able to forgive people for being stupid sometimes. She’s just really relatable. I thought that Manny was relatable, too. They’re both really bubbly, and they try the best that they can and they’re really outgoing. That’s what I really like in somebody. That’s the kind of friend that I want. So, I think that they’ll enjoy her.

Any upcoming storyline you can talk about?

Cassie Steele: There’s a job that Abby gets that’s going to be really interesting, to see how that plays out and how different it is from her prostitute role that was in a body bag.

That was a funny scene, her asking for direction.

Cassie Steele: Exactly, and then the next time around is a national guest star. So, we’ll see how that pans out.

The L.A. Complex The Contract Season 2 Episode 2 (4)

And you’re working with Alan Thicke, right?

Cassie Steele: Yes. I worked with Alan Thicke and he’s great, a lot of fun. I know a lot of people are big fans of ‘Growing Pains.’ I was more of a cartoon person, but I really like that storyline because I’ve always worked on a show, or have been on them for a really long time and I’m really only referring to one show, which is ‘Degrassi.’ But it’s kind of interesting to see how Abby is on the other side of the scale where you come to work where everyone has known each other so closely for years and years and you’re the guest star and you have to kind of find your little niche to fit in. It’ll be funny to see how Abby works that out.

If you could guest star on any other TV show, your pick of the litter, which one would it be?

Cassie Steele: True Blood’ probably.

Would you want to be a vampire or a werewolf on ‘True Blood’?

Cassie Steele: I would definitely feel like I’d want to be a vampire. I wouldn’t mind being a werewolf, but then finding your clothes after, it’s just a bit of a hassle. What if the paparazzi got you while you were phasing? It’s pretty crazy. You don’t want to be caught in between your phasing.

For the fashion conscious, definitely go vampire?

Cassie Steele: Definitely vampire. Isn’t it always true that you just get better looking when you’re a vampire and you can move so quickly. You’re obviously magic. You’ve got magic written all over you. Then I’d have to go on to ‘Vampire Diaries’ and I’d have to steal one of their rings because I can’t be not walking around during the daytime. I mean, it’s summer, come on.