Are You Ready To Get Hooked On ‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 2? [Video]

Comic-Con 2012 Once Upon a time

When we last saw the residents of Storybrooke on ABC’s Once Upon A Time they were just starting to remember their fairy tale pasts, but from the looks of the season 2 teaser trailer that debuted at Comic-Con, that’s going to be the least of their problems. An ominous sounding Henry makes it clear that Operation Cobra is far from over in the trailer’s opening shot, and things only get darker from there. It appears that the return of magic into the characters’ lives along with their memories is going to cause a certain infamous Peter Pan villain to decide it’s time to get his groove back. Yes, that’s right folks, get prepared to meet Captain Hook.

There’s no word yet on who will be playing the dastardly Captain (or if this means we will be seeing Peter himself), but the trailer makes it clear he’s not planning on stopping by Granny’s for a slice of pie anytime soon. He’s far too busy breaking into Mr. Gold’s shop to retrieve his hook to have time for socializing. It looks like Mary Margaret, David, Emma and the rest of the town has yet another villain on their hands.

Watch the trailer for yourself below and then head to the comments to share your theories about just what Captain Hook might get up to in Storybrooke this season!

Once Upon A Time returns to ABC this Fall.