‘Unforgettable’ Season 2 Cast Shake-Up

Unforgettable Endgame Episode 21 (2)

The cast of Unforgettable is seeing some serious changes according to Deadline. After being cancelled and then saved, the series will debut its second season next summer with producers looking to go in a new direction to secure the show’s livelihood. Unfortunately after the show was thought to have been axed, ‘Unforgettable’ was only able to secure its leading stars with some of the supporting cast not able to return.

Right now it looks like the show will go on with leading lady Poppy Montgomery and Dylan Walsh. Actress Jane Curtin, who became a series regular last year will also return for the 13 episode season. According to actress Daya Vaidya the rest of the actors will not return according to the performer’s recent tweet. “CBS made some creative changes and the supporting cast will not be returning next season. Yea, Nina, Roe, Mike and Tanya r gone,” she revealed.

While having the show saved from cancellation is terrific many are wondering how the drama will move forward without the stars of season one that made the storylines so entertaining. Who will replace the missing actors of ‘Unforgettable’? Leave us your comments below on what you think about season two. More news about the cast is sure to be on the way.