The Glades “Fountain of Youth” Review

Jessie's Debby Ryan The Glades "Fountain of Youth"
In “Fountain of Youth,” this week’s episode of The Glades, Jim had to find a killer in a high-end health spa where everyone had something to hide.

It’s ironic enough to die in a fountain that’s supposed to guarantee eternal youth, but when the victim is already dying from long-term exposure to a revolutionary anti-aging treatment, that’s just sick poetic justice. Between her business partner who stood to lose millions if the risks of the treatment were exposed to her husband who liked his rich meal ticket to her assistant/secret love child, it seemed like everyone had a reason to want her dead.

In the end, it was a combination of an accidental head injury curtesy of her long-lost daughter and a very purposeful injection from her terrible husband that did the poor woman in. But the business partner got to keep her reputation (for the time being) and the daughter got a whole lot of money. Everyone wins?

It certainly seemed that way for Callie. Even though she was hauled into court to defend the tape she made of the IRS agent who tried to take advantage of her, everything worked out in the end because the judge could see that she was a hard-working, single mother who just needed a break.

I rag on Callie a lot because…well…frankly she irritates me. It’s always something with her. Her husband, her job, now this IRS thing. She’s never just okay. There’s always drama. Yes, she and Jim love each other and that’s sweet, but how much more manufactured obstacles are we expected to put up with before we give up?

On the other hand, I really like this new chick more and more. She’s proven to be an asset, not just a robot paper-pusher who wants to put a lid on Jim. Maybe the writers feel the same way about Callie. They’ve almost written themselves into a corner with her; their big mistake was not letting her get a job in Florida. Because of that choice, they had to send her away to pursue her passion, or face the wrath of people like me who protested her giving up her dream just for her man.

But by sending her away, they’re struggling to come up with ways to keep her character relevant. It might be time to throw in the towel, guys. People come and go from each other’s lives and just because two people love each other, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to work out.

That’s life and it would be nice to see it in TV show every once in awhile.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get it how the Daughter got away with not calling 911, I’ts a crime in most parts of Europe, punishable by a fine or even Jail.

  • Mastersteam

    Why does that stupid lapdog detective Jennifer wear high heels and inappropriate clothing with a gun strapped to her hip? She looks ridiculous, except to perhaps 14 year old pubescent boys!

    • She’s a Ho, Ho, Ho.
      This show is getting way to stupid.

    • Rafqa

       My sentiments exactly. Callie is worried about her suit with the slit up to her crotch for her court appearance and we have Jennifer in tight clothes, a slit up to there, high heels and low cut blouses. She is not one of the true slut housewives of Atlanta, she is a detective. But it seems that all the women detectives and ME’s except for The Closer are expected to dress like this for the requisite shot down the blouse at least once an episode. Since that is so overworked, now we have skin tight clothes and 4 inch  heels. Even Vic on Longmire wears uniform shirts that are too tight with buttons straining. It’s depressing to think that women spent the last 30 years or so trying to get respect in the workplace and equal rights to only have current fashions and media hyping this type of dress.