Political Animals “Second Time Around” Review – Will Elaine Regret Decisions of The Past?

Political Animals "Second Time Around" Episode 2

In the second episode of Political Animals, called “Second Time Around,” we see the results of the important decisions that Elaine made last week. Not only to send Bud on his rescue mission, but also to run for President. Though no one knows about the bigger of those two decisions at the beginning of the episode, both of them are weighing on her heavily. After all, if Bud doesn’t come through and innocent people die, Elaine could lose her “America’s Sweetheart” label. That of course could affect her run at presidency. It’s a tricky predicament and one that she weathers well.

Being out of town last weekend, I didn’t get a chance to give my two-cents on the pilot episode so here it is now. I’m not really into the drama of following real-life politics (I choose to vote quietly, based on my own research into candidates and issues) but I was very intrigued by this show. I adored The West Wing when it was on the air and I wondered if Political Animals could perhaps fill some of the void left when that show went off the air.

I’m happy to say that it has, though my viewing of the pilot showed me in no uncertain terms that this show wasn’t some sort of a West Wing knock-off. It may take place in the Oval Office and have great characters and story lines, but when you compare Political Animals to that show, the original comes off unbelievably tame. This show is like the grown-up version and so far I’m liking it a lot. I hope that we get another season because personally I’m dying to see Elaine go for the presidency, win it, and end up in the Oval Office.

My favorite bits..

“There’s about five things I do well, and one of them is fart.” – It’s sad how hard that made me laugh.

“Don’t worry, it’s just my boyfriend.” – Ha! Famous last words.

Thomas finding out that he was only #2 on his new beau’s celebrity list, after Robert Pattinson. Yeah, that’d probably piss me off, too.

“Turns out she doesn’t hate us. Just you.” – Ha!

“I need a screwdriver to loosen up my pipes, and I don’t mean a Philip’s Head.”

M&M’s with the presidential seal? I so need some of those.

Elaine giving the Vice President of the United States a reaming.

Elaine’s entire speech on how she was tired of dealing with all the male egos. Wow.

Really, really hoping that Margaret was indeed still talking about horn blowers when she started talking about that guy’s lips.

Man, I know Thomas is in a rough place but stealing from his grandma? That’s pretty low.

Doug trying to dissuade his mother from going to visit the Turkish Bath because of the nakedness. Yeah right. Like that would ever stop her.

Doug figuring out that Elaine had slept with Bud, and pointing out that he was going to hurt her just like he did every other time. Amazing to have that come from your own son.

My heart breaking for Elaine in the past when she found out that the story about Bud was true.

“I thought it would make you a better man.”

Starting to wonder if we’re ever going to see Anne do anything except have sex with Doug and complain. Please tell me she’s got more to do on this show. Otherwise I think my patience with her is going to wane fast.

The way Doug seems determined to take care of his big brother, no matter what.

Susan catching Bud giving a woman “the grand tour.” Yeah, I’ll bet he did.

Wow, there seems to be a lot of sex happening on that plane.

Margaret telling Thomas that she knew his story, because she had lived it.

“Yes Bud, I am going to run for President. Without you.” – Was I the only one who cheered when she said that?

Bud telling Elaine in the past that she should leave him, because he would cheat again and hurt her again. Interesting that he knows that, but doesn’t seem determined to try and change that aspect of himself.

What did you think of this episode of Political Animals? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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