Drop Dead Diva “Road Trip” Review

This week on Drop Dead Diva, Jane and Grayson went on a ‘Road Trip’ after being asked to guest lecture at Stanford Law, Jane’s old school. While there, they’re asked to assist Veronica, a law student, on a case, one that becomes more difficult once they learn that Professor Daly, the torts teacher at the school, is the opposing council. Back at home, Stacey prepares for her first big award since opening the Pakery (with Luke as fashion aide/date) and Parker comes to regret taking Gina in as the firm’s new investor.

Has DDD done a variation on Veronica’s case before? It felt like I had watched it before and since we could assume that there would be a happy ending, it was quite dull to sit through. The only part I really liked was Professor Daly as her opposition. (Alas, yet again we had another person from Jane’s past who didn’t wonder what the heck had changed her personality. Let’s face it, this Jane is not the cat-lady, plain Jane that used to exist. Yet no one from Jane’s past ever points out just how much her personality has changed. It’s all a little strange. But that aside…) I really liked Veronica as a character and it’d be nice to see her pop up again sometime down the line.

Was anyone else almost shipping Stacy/Luke? They acted more like a proper couple than Stacy and Fred ever did, and for a moment there I almost wanted it to happen. I’m quite glad that it didn’t, though. Luke is a great character and it’d be great to see him get more involved in the show and maybe even have a relationship at some point, but it would be a little too convenient for it to be Stacy. Besides, maybe Fred will turn up again one day. Fingers crossed.

Oh, Gina. You’ve barely sat down at your desk and you’ve already screwed the company over. The warning bells started ringing when Parker said he would get rid of Gina after the case was settled, but that ending was unpredictable, to say the least. Ignoring the over the top FBI agent with his implied ‘I have a gun’ threat, it was a great ending and it’ll be fun to see how the firm defends itself against the threats of being involved with money laundering. Surely it should be a fairly simple case since Gina has been on the scene for all of five minutes, but since this is DDD, I won’t take anything for granted. Of course, this is assuming that the allegations are related to Gina and Kim’s case, and not something else from Harrison-Parker’s past. Hmm.

And I can’t end without mentioning Jane and Grayson’s almost-kiss, which was a pretty good representation of their almost-relationship. I found Jane’s reaction to Grayson not trying anything with her in Palo Alto (kiss aside) absolutely ridiculous. Even without Luke’s warning at the start of the episode, it seemed like a pretty bad idea for Grayson to try anything anyway, especially after it was established that she’s still really upset about Owen. I liked Stacy giving him a little prod at the end there, but once again his attempts at telling Jane his feelings were thwarted, and this viewer was left bored. It’s only been eight episodes but anymore of this almost-relationship and I’m just going to start futilely shipping Grayson/Luke!

What did you think of ‘Road Trip’? Think it’s time for a little Jane/Grayson romance? Worried about Harrison-Parker’s future? Miss Fred? Give us your thoughts in the comments below!