Alphas “Wake Up Call” Advance Review

Alphas Season 2

Ever since Dr. Rosen took the Alphas phenomenon public and left us hanging at the end of last season, I’ve been eagerly anticipating the return of Alphas. I had the pleasure of screening an advanced copy of the Alphas season two premiere, “Wake Up Call,” and without giving away anything major, let me tell you a little bit about what fans can expect in tonight’s premiere.

We all knew that the world that we’d return to in this season of Alphas would undoubtedly be different than the one that the Alphas lived in during season one, but I wasn’t sure how different it would be. We pick up eight months after the events of the last season’s finale. Even if the world has changed, we don’t spend a whole lot of time seeing how the general public has reacted to Dr. Rosen’s revelations. Dr. Rosen has been discredited, so outside of tabloid chatter, the little bits that we see of the non-Alpha population seem pretty much the same and people simply go about their usual business.

With no access to Rosen, a kind of chaos has worked its way into our Alphas team. They’ve struggled to keep it together, but they can barely be considered a team at all. Gary, Bill and Hicks have been trying to continue their work with law enforcement, while Nina and Rachel have fallen off the radar altogether and have pretty much become absorbed by their conditions.

Dr. Rosen may have been discredited to the general public, but he’s considered enough of a threat to the government to keep him locked up. He’s had little access to the outside world, but his mind has been feverishly working the entire time he’s been imprisoned. He’s a step ahead of the government and he’s got a good idea of the grim future ahead if they won’t let him out to help.

The government’s measures to control dangerous Alphas have been extreme and excessive. The Alpha response to those measures continues the vicious cycle of fear and violence. It’s not until a series of unexpected events take place at the Binghamton prison facility that things start to really get out of hand and we see just how screwed up the entire scenario truly is. It becomes apparent that Dr. Rosen and his team of Alphas are the only ones capable of being the bridge between the two sides of this conflict.

After all the progress the Alphas made in season one, it did feel a little bit like we were starting over from square one in this episode. Dr. Rosen’s revelations at the end of last season were like a reset button, but I didn’t expect the Alphas team to regress quite as much as they did. It’s clear that Dr. Rosen and the Alphas are going to have to rebuild everything they worked on last season, only this time, they’re fighting their battles on a much more public stage.

This premiere had no shortage of high intensity Alpha abilities, action, and conflict. It continued the overall conspiracy from season one, but the stakes seemed much higher this time. The characters are all a little more desperate than they were when we first met them and they are still as reluctant as ever to be the heroes in this story – even if they are the only heroes we’ve got.

Be sure to tune in tonight at 10pm for the action packed season two premiere of Alphas on Syfy – you won’t want to miss it!