True Blood “In the Beginning” Review

Is the show called True Blood or True Cult?

This week’s episode of True Blood began with all hell breaking loose after Russell murdered Roman. Russell clearly had a lot of time to reflect on his hatred of Eric and his desire to get back at him, as he somehow managed to hang him from a column in the midst of the mayhem that broke out after Roman’s death. Like Eric, I too wondered why Russell left him alive.

Meanwhile, Claude and his sister gave Sookie jump start and revealed that as someone who is only half-fairy, her powers were finite. Interestingly, we also learned that Sookie’s ability to hear voices has not been as strong lately – maybe this is why she couldn’t hear Lafayette’s inner brujol tampering with her car. Jason was the star of this scene as he dropped a big money word (by Jason standards) – luminescence and made me giggle when he suggested that they just plug Sookie back in and juice her up.

I’m going to start my own personal hate group for people that hate Hoyt and those that hate the Obama mask-wearing, anti-supernatural bigots. I really wish I knew who was responsible for making those horribly discolored Obama masks. There is a chance I’d start a hate group directed towards them too. After a 60-90 second impassioned, hate-filled speech, Hoyt finally felt like he was part of something. *insert eye roll* In a single night, Hoyt went from poorly dressed, suicidal vampire bait to a full-fledged bigot intent on killing the woman he clearly still loves. I didn’t think it was possible to dislike him more than I already did and yet, here we are.

This entire anti-supernatural movement is too reminiscent of the anti-vampire move lead by Steve Newlin in season 2. I preferred occasional reminders that people were still prejudiced rather than rehashing the entire story line again with a few changes in the central characters.

By the way, how funny was it to see Sam rolling around in the floor of the gun shop sniffing out the bigots?

In the least surprising reveal of this entire season, Salome explained how she followed Eric and Bill the night that they buried Russell. It appeared as though we’d gone from one betrayal to another, as it was pretty clear that Russell was not the reformed Lilith-loving devotee that he initially claimed he was. He may truly be reformed now after the acid trip he and the other counsel members took thanks to Lilith’s blood.

Seeing Russell, decked out in black and full of zest was a highlight of the episode. Initially, I was sold on Steve Newlin being the new Nan Flanagan. With the Sanguinistas now in charge of The Authority, I think Newlin would make an AMAZING new Talbot for Russell.

I finally saw Magic Mike this weekend and each time Joe Magnianello entered the screen on this week’s episode of True Blood, I had a flashback of him sitting at a sewing machine mending some stripper underwear. Ha! In a nutshell, Alcide and his number two trained for their big fight and did some heavy petting during their breaks. The wolves got a little more interesting tonight once Martha found out that JD was not only hooked on V but had the nerve to offer it to Emma.

I loved this exchange between Alcide and Martha:

“Respectfully Martha, your son doesn’t have a grave because ya’ll ate him. ” Alcide

“Don’t get all literal on me, Rambo.” Martha

Tara came from behind the bar and took to the pole this week. Pam dug into her 1908s treasure chest and decided to use her old crimping iron to style her hair. The only person I think I dislike more than Hoyt is Tara’s hypocritical, bible-toting mother. Tara’s mother came to Fangtasia to inform her that she was officially dead to her. My heart broke for Tara but I love the strengthening of her bond with Pam that came from such a hateful, hurtful moment.

The smoke monster exchanged murdering Patrick and Terry for taunting them. Although I’m still not invested in the story, I got a good laugh seeing Terry’s anguish upon realizing that they were being teased. I knew from the previews that Terry would live past this week’s episode but that didn’t make it any easier to see him point a gun at his chin. The video of Terry and Arlene’s wedding was an entertaining flashback.

What the french toast moments of the week . . .

– Lafayette. You saw the episode. I can’t bear to rehash what happened. It was quite disturbing. Again, has Lafayette not been through enough already? Thankfully, all the witchcraft in the world could not save Jesus’s abuelo from the vengeance of a woman scorned.

– What the hell is in Lilith’s blood?!?! Were you as relieved as I was to see Godric arrive from the great beyond to talk some sense into Eric?

– Jason told Sookie that some local town folk were murdering supernaturals because they were different. In light of that revelation, Sookie decided to go out at night and shoot light into the sky from her hands. Sure, that’s not going to attract any attention.

The vampires are definitely keeping it interesting this season. What did you think of this week’s episode of True Blood? Sound off below!