Falling Skies “Molon Labe” Review

Tonight’s episode of Falling Skies, “Molon Labe” picked up right where last week’s episode left off with Ben and Karen running through the forest to meet up with Ben’s Skitter rebellion. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until Karen happily reconnected with her “master” and her harness that Ben was able to clearly see where her allegiance was. Thankfully, the 2nd Mass had been on Ben’s trail and they were there just in time to prevent him from being enslaved once again.

This skirmish landed the 2nd Mass an unexpected prisoner of war – the Overloard Fish-head that had previously held Tom on his space ship. Holding such a high ranking enemy in their camp, kept them safe from a destructive airstrike, but it put the 2nd Mass at risk for a new kind of attack that they had not planned for.

The small scorpion-like skitter creatures could work their way into their camp through small crevices and drains. They possessed a frightening potential to indiscriminately take down both civilian and military members of the 2nd Mass who were not prepared for an attack of that nature.

Although Jamil was new to this season of Falling Skies, I was sorry to see him be the first victim of those scorpion skitters. His death was unexpected, and I would have preferred to see him go down fighting heroically rather than being the victim of a grotesque off screen attack.

Although I can believe Lourdes’ suffering after losing Jamil, I’m not sure I understand why this event suddenly triggered darkness in her character. When we were first introduced to Lourdes, she had already lost everyone she loved. Everything about her life changed with the invasion, yet she remained almost obnoxiously filled with hope and optimism. Jamil’s death was a traumatic loss, but I feel like I still don’t understand why his death was the catalyst for Lourdes’ change and not the deaths of her family and loved ones before him. She’s been surrounded by death, war, and violence, so are we to assume that this been a gradual change that we’ve not seen until now? Or was there something about Jamil that was different for her?

At this point, the situation seemed increasingly hopeless for the 2nd Mass. The death count continued to rise, there was an entirely new kind of alien attacker crawling around in their walls, and Tom was being forced to watch his son’s brain get fried by some kind of psychic pulse from the Overloard Fish-head.

Tom was mid-conversation with the prisoner when I began to wonder why they bothered keeping the Overlord Fish-head alive at all. What would the Mechs and the Skitters do if their mind-controlling leader was shot and killed? Would they have any motivation to mount an independent attack? Would they return to their headquarters for new instructions? Might they be released from their psychic connection and join up with Skitter rebels?

The Overlord Fish-head claimed to want peace for the planet and said that his kind would leave the planet after their mission was complete. He refused to tell Tom what their objective was or how they planned to do that, telling Tom that it was none of his concern.

Maybe it wasn’t the most rational thing to do, but when Tom told the Overlord Fish-head “OK, I understand now” and proceeded to shoot that condescending alien in the neck, it was pretty badass. Captain Weaver scolded Tom for letting his emotions get the best of him and putting the 2nd Mass in more danger, but the situation was dire to begin with. He might not have planned it, but Tom’s shot actually ended up working out in their favor.

As confident as Karen was about the occupation’s abilities to be completely in tune with the very fabric of the Universe, there were some serious holes in their system. It seems their tuning abilities can’t account for human emotions and irrationality. That’s going to be the occupation’s weakness that the 2nd Mass is going to have to exploit for a successful rebellion. It comes at a cost of course – all that emotion and irrationality makes for riskier maneuvers and volatile situations.

The 2nd Mass was able to corner and trap the Overlord Fish-head and Karen for long enough to secure their escape so they could continue on their way to Charleston. With Pope responsible for the explosives trigger, I’m surprised he didn’t just blow the whole place up as soon as they were clear. He doesn’t seem like the type to think twice about a double cross if it would work out in his favor, but it appears that the 2nd Mass honored their promise to let Karen and the Fish-Head live in exchange for the group’s safe exodus.

Ben and Tom had a rather emotional farewell as Ben left the 2nd Mass to try and further organize the Skitter rebellion. Although Tom knew this was what Ben wanted and what was best for the 2nd Mass, as a father, he had trouble letting go of his son.

At the end of tonight’s Falling Skies, Captain Weaver shouted out a motivational pep talk as the members of the 2nd Mass fantasized about the small things they all hoped to find once they got to Charleston. They’ve all suffered on this journey, so even if Charleston isn’t exactly what they’re expecting, I hope they at least get a little bit of the stuff they’re dreaming of.