Whose Fans are Emmy Voters Trolling?

On the off chance that you’ve been under a rock for the past week, you may have missed the Emmy nominations handed out this past Thursday. If you did manage to catch the nominations, chances are you are upset about something. After all, one of the main aspects of awards shows is the vitriol of the populace over their favorite thing not being nominated/winning an award.

Despite the interminable consistency of Emmy awards (The easiest way to be nominated is to be nominated before), ardent fans of shows long left out of Emmy discussion still express surprise and dismay when their favorite show isn’t called on nomination day. Let’s take a look at the comedy nominees for biggest troll on behalf of Emmy voters:

Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation Win, Lose or Draw Season 4 Episode 22 (6)

If you are concerned enough about television that you come to a website to discuss it, chances are you think that Nick Offerman going without a nomination again is ridiculous. Your feelings (which I share with you) are justified. Even Ben Schwartz and Rashida Jones took the time to react to the snubs for Offerman and the series as a whole.

The lack of a nomination for the series seems shortsighted, but it’s considerably less egregious than Offerman sitting out while every male adult on Modern Family gets a nomination in its (by far) worst season. At this point, it’s hard to imagine Offerman ever getting a nomination if the Modern Family crew is going to own 2/3 of the nominations every year. It’s a sad state of affairs for one of the funniest characters on television.

Acceptable Rage Rating: 4.5/5


Community "CurriCommunity Curriculum Unavailable Season 3 Episode 19culum Unavailable" Season 3 Episode 19 (5)

I know that Community has some of the more rabid fans out there, but we have to agree to start letting this thing go. It will not be nominated, nor will it ever have a chance of being nominated. It’s a quirky, dark, fun show that will never resonate with the old muckety-mucks over at the TV Academy.

More importantly, you’re standing in line behind another outsider this year (Parks and Recreation). If the gang from Pawnee can’t get in, what chance do you guys have? The Critics’ Choice Awards were nice enough to toss you a bone. You should be satisfied you got that much.

Acceptable Rage Rating: 2/5

Happy Endings

Brad Happy Endings

Thanks to the wonderful world of Twitter, I discovered that a lot of Happy Endings fans were disappointed that the show couldn’t get some Emmy love this year. In particular, they appeared to be trumpeting the cause of Damon Wayans Jr. While those fans got a little upset, it’s important to know that no one on the show expected a nomination.

There was absolutely no buzz to speak of and very little was put into Emmy promotion for the show. This show resides a similar situation to Community: It will be beloved by those who watch it, but an Emmy will most likely never come out of it.

Acceptable Rage Rating: .5/5

Charlie Sheen

Fans of Charlie Sheen everywhere probably punched their smartphones today when they saw the Emmy nominations go by. Most wanted Two and a Half Men to fail miserably after Sheen’s departure. Instead, the unthinkable happened: Jon Cryer was nominated for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. That spot was Sheen’s for four years running (2006-2009), but now it belongs to Cryer. To say that Emmy voters are pouring salt in the wound may be an understatement.

Sheen fans don’t think Jon Cryer can carry Charlie’s jock. Now they have to live in a world where Jon Cryer could win an award that Charlie never won for his work on Two and a Half Men. If Cryer does pull the upset, be prepared for a potential riot. Goddesses everywhere should grab some tiger blood and find a safe place to hide.

Acceptable Rage Rating: 4/5

Are you a comedy TV fan feeling trolled by Emmy voters? Sound off in the comments below.