Common Law (USA) “Odd Couples” Review – More Fighting Leads to More Revelations

Common Law (USA) "Odd Couples" Episode 9

In tonight’s episode of Common Law called, appropriately enough, “Odd Couples,” Travis and Wes are recruited to help out the FBI after a bank robber escapes. While working on the case, the boys end up on a stakeout watching the apartment of a woman writing about said convict.

As you can imagine, the guys ending up under the same roof goes over about as well as a lead balloon. Fighting about everything from who should clean the dishes to the temperature in the apartment, the guys once again come off sounding more like a couple than the people they share their therapy sessions with. Wes complains that Travis doesn’t help out enough around the “house,” and meanwhile Travis is upset that Wes isn’t supporting him enough. If that doesn’t sound like a marriage then I don’t know what does.

Through all the humor though, we do get some heartfelt moments, especially from Travis. When he tells Wes that he’s upset about not getting any backup for his theories about the author, there was real, not joking, betrayal there. It’s as if – even though they fight like cats and dogs – Travis still leans on Wes to be that one person he can count on to have his back. I think even Wes was taken by surprise by his partner’s vehemence, but once he realized that Travis was truly hurt, Wes made sure his partner understood that he would be there for him when the chips were down. For his troubles, he got Travis to admit a little bit more about himself – revealing how his past as a foster kid led to his current housekeeping rituals.

All in all, this was a pretty fun episode. I for one would’ve loved to have seen even more of the guys interacting under one roof, but I suppose I’m a glutton for that sort of thing. Heck, I’d have been happy if there had been some sort of emergency that would’ve put them on lockdown for a couple days. But this was a nice taste of what it’s like to see them forced to be together for longer than just their shift and hopefully we’ll get to see more of that someday.

My favorite bits…

Not being at all surprised that Wes is super chipper in the morning, while Travis is not.

Wes ordering Travis to stop talking.

“My partner thinks HE’S a genius.”

The fact that Wes knew exactly how much 5 million bucks weights.

“I am video taping our next conversation.” – Probably not a bad idea, Wes. LOL.

“I can’t believe I was right.”
“Say it again and I’m going to shoot you.”

“A woman turning you down isn’t evidence of anything….but taste.”

The captain using the term “for reals.”

Travis playing Wes’ boyfriend and fiddling with his ear. Classic.

“Why are you pretending we’re gay? Stop it.”

Wes taking the joy out of Travis watching the pretty neighbor by pointing out that the woman was doing her yoga pose incorrectly. Such a killjoy.

Travis actually complimenting Wes on his cooking.

Wes calling Travis on his phone so that he could scream at him to put in his ear piece.

Wondering why Wes let Travis put in the bug. Didn’t he KNOW that Travis was going to snoop instead? Though I guess that could’ve been the point, considering what Travis found while he was there.

Travis fooling Wes (and me) into thinking his microphone wasn’t working. Dude nearly gave me a heart attack.

Travis’ touchdown dance. Especially the part when Wes asked if he was done and Travis gave it a few more moves.

“Okay you hide in there, too.”
“I practically live in there!”

Wes sounding like a wife the more he complained about how Travis didn’t help out in the kitchen.

“You hate it, which makes me love it more.”

OMG Wes and I are so the same person. I have the same argument with people about the thermostat. People CAN put on another layer if they’re cold, dangit!

Travis chowing down on Wes’ dinner the moment Wes turned around, and then complaining that it needed salt.

Travis pointing out that he would have run have Wes’ theory into the ground if their roles had been reversed.

Waiting anxiously for Wes to show up and save Travis.

Travis knocking the prison guard down so he wouldn’t shoot Wes.

Wes’ jump over the bushes. Nice!

Wes and the writer chick playing chicken in the alley. Girl, you should’ve know he wasn’t EVER gonna back down. Did you not see the look in his eyes?

Wes pointing out that being late was just as good as being early. Funny how Travis didn’t feel the same when it meant he would have a gun held on him longer.

Travis admitting why his place was as clean as it was. Wow.

Wes staying behind to adjust the thermostat. Haha!

What did you think of this episode of Common Law? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!