Sullivan & Son (TBS) Series Premiere Advance Review

Sullivan & Son (TBS)

TBS premieres its latest half hour comedy show, Sullivan & Son, tonight at 10 pm ET. Produced by Vince Vaughn, Sullivan & Son is based on Steve Sullivan (Steve Byrne), a half Irish, half Korean, successful corporate attorney in New York who comes back home to Pittsburgh for his father’s (Dan Lauria) birthday party. Once he finds out that his parents plan on selling the bar that his grandfather owned, Sullivan & Son, he decides to quit his job, move back to Pittsburgh to buy and run the bar. More like, he just never went back home.

I had the opporunity to view the first three episodes of this series. Although it started off a bit shaky, by the third episode Sullivan & Son had gained some ground, at least comedically. Unfortunately, since there are a lot of direct and implied racist jokes, as well as sexual jokes, I am not sure how much of an audience the show will get. The only character on the show that seemed to be bothered by it, however, was the fancy girlfriend from New York who, unsurprisingly, was gone after the first episode.

Sullivan & Son promotes the old neighborhood bar, full of your wide variety of slackers, neighbors, and old friends. Everyone knows everything about each other and they like it that way. Similarly, everyone seems to be there during all hours of the day despite the fact that they must have jobs to pay for their drinks. The show even pokes fun at that aspect. The best jokes are when the patrons are jabbing each other. The worst are the long diatribes about how much the world/city/neighborhood has changed.

The antics and plot lines of Sullivan & Son are a bit farfetched and extreme, but done in a very tongue-in-cheek type manner to keep the humor flowing, but the show lighthearted. My favorite parts are the characters ability to just appear when someone is talking about them. Not a new trick, I know, but done so often in one episode, it somehow made it funny to me. I also like anything that the three friends of Steve have to say. That trio’s thought process is very entertaining.

Sullivan & Son also stars Christine Ebersole as, basically, the town slut. However, she has a son who is not only friends with Steve, but also a bar patron. Watching those two be “wingmen” for each other will either creep you out or make you laugh. Unfortunately, I did fear for the series when a special guest star showed up in episode 3, Ted McGinley. The king of shark jumping should never show up in your series that early.

Sullivan & Son premeries tonight at 10 pm ET on TBS. Check it out and come back here and tell me what you think. Be warned, your children should not watch this one!

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