Suits (USA) “Break Point” – Heartbreak From Every Direction

Suits (USA) Break Point

Tonight’s episode of Suits, called “Break Point,” is very aptly titled because it darn near broke me. From last week’s episode we knew that the you-know-what was going to hit the fan with Donna, but I don’t think anything prepared me for the immense heartbreak that came from so many directions.

Not knowing what’s happening with Donna, Harvey is off working on a case, trying to get a young tennis player emancipated from his father. Now here came the first stab to the chest for me. Harvey wants to help the kid get away from his dad, but Mike wants to help the two resolve their issues. We all know that Mike lost his parents at a young age, so it’s not surprising when he talks about doing anything to have a chance to be with his dad again. But what about Harvey? Why did he refuse to talk about his dad and what was that whole thing with the “not now, my dad” line when he was listening to his jazz music when Jessica walked in? Was his dad a musician? Is that why he has all those old records? My mind is reeling.

Heartbreak number two actually came in various stages because that whole story with Donna was so hard to watch. Between her trying to do everything she could to protect Harvey, but each step digging her grave deeper and deeper – to the conversation between Donna and Mike, where Mike refuses to put Harvey in a position to commit perjury – to the conversation between Harvey and Donna when he finally finds out – to Jessica refusing to let Alison win and supporting Harvey completely – to those final moments when Jessica has to let Donna go and Harvey does nothing to stop it. It was like they stuck a knife in my heart and just kept right on twisting it as the episode progressed.

The final heartbreak came from a completely surprising area and maybe it’s the animal lover in me, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t cry at Louis’ loss of his beloved Bruno more than anything. When he turned around and Rachel saw the collar in his hand and his eyes welled up..dang it, I’m tearing up again.

There are simply not enough words to describe how much I loved this episode. Harvey and Louis both showing their soft little underbellies really got to me, as did everyone doing whatever they could to protect Harvey, plus of course Donna paying the price for her inadvertent actions. I have no doubt that we will see her again, but I do wonder how Donna and Harvey will repair their friendship and also, how he’s going to survive without her. Next week’s episode should be interesting, to say the least.

My favorite bits..

Harvey. Jogging. Not in a suit. That is all.

Really digging Harvey in that black t-shirt. Just sayin’.

Harold with Louis’ cat.

Not being at all surprised that Louis named his cat Bruno.

The way Louis talked to Bruno.

Hm..did anyone else find it interesting the Harvey didn’t *actually* answer the question when he was asked if he had any children? I like how that was left open.

Donna blowing up at Rachel. Oh boy. She’s totally stressed.

Mike catching Donna with the file and knowing exactly which one it was. Damn, he’s good.

“Like practicing law without a license is a crime?” – Ouch.

“You might be comfortable putting Harvey in that position, but I’m not.” WOW.

Donna asks for Halloween off every year? SHE IS MY HERO.

The look on Donna’s face when Harvey suggested that Allison start with her. Oh boy.

“I’m not saying she wouldn’t do it if he asked, I’m saying he didn’t ask.” – Jessica’s utter faith in Harvey is fantastic.

“You know what, maybe next time I’ll just hand my cat over to Michael Vick.”

“Is that a cat carrier in your hand?”
“No…….*meow*.” – Haha!

“What’s the case?”
“From him?”
“I wish.”

The whole Harvey grabbing a pen and nearly signing in slow motion, and Mike spilling the coffee to stop Harvey from signing – and the fact that Harvey totally knew that it was on purpose. Brilliant scene.

“Lying to me doesn’t protect me, it betrays me.”

Harvey vowing that he wasn’t going to fire Donna. Kill her maybe, but not fire her. That whole scene was so incredibly beautiful and so incredibly brutal all at once.

Oh no!! Poor Louis!

Louis saying “we flossed every day” about him and Bruno. That’s when the tears started.

Okay wait. Louis just made me cry. This episode is killing me on so many levels.

“She is sorry…..but she never said it.”

Harvey going to the wife and apologizing, after realizing what it would mean to him if Donna had done the same.

Jessica vowing that she was NOT going to scapegoat Harvey.

Harvey sitting in his office and listening to one of his precious records.

Harvey stopping Jessica as he was listening to one of his records, and saying “Not now, my dad.” Wow! I sure hope we get an explanation of THAT really soon.

“I’m sorry.”
“Am I in the right office?”

“Who still eats Twinkies?”
“Who doesn’t still eat Twinkies?”

“Alison Holt can’t win because she doesn’t believe in Harvey. I can, because I do.”

Rachel giving Louis the ball to try and make him feel better. Dying, people. I think I am seriously dying.

The look on Jessica’s face as she walked up behind Donna. Whoa.

No, no, no, no, no!!!

The can opener? Really? Is this show TRYING to kill me??

“You said he was going to fix it.”
“I thought he would.”

Donna getting on that elevator…..and Harvey not stopping her. AHHHH!!!

What did you think of this episode of Suits? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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