Storage Wars “The Ship Just Hit the Sand” Review

The second new installment of Storage Wars tonight brings our buyers to Mini U Storage in Irvine, California. No Jeff Jarred, and as Jarrod points out, Dave Hester is gone yet again! Or is he?! Well Mr. Hester returned this week in grand fashion, letting loose his trademark “Yuuup!” from across the parking lot.

Dave came back in style and won his first locker back with $275. He ended up making $1,005 on some neon letters that were appraised by the very quirky Nick Metropolis. I might be wrong, but was this the first time in Storage Wars history that an appraiser just gives a straight up lie as the appraisal value? What a jerk move!

Jarrod bought an office unit for $1,700, and he and Brandi ended up making $3,200 on some antique goggles and a blowtorch. I’m not sure if this has ever been answered in interviews or anything, but do the buyers line up their own appraisers? Or is this done by the producers? I mean, it just seems to convenient that they would find the one person in Southern California that knows about antique blowtorches.

Brandon bought the last locker for the same thing that Hester paid: $275. He was able to uncover an old tribal drum to make a total of $3,685 to come out as the winner of tonight’s second episode. Darrell used to be my second favorite buyer, behind Barry Weiss of course, but he’s quickly falling to the bottom of the stack now with how immature and irritating he’s been in this season. I’ve theorized in the past that the producers are trying to get him to adopt a “persona” this season, and he seemed to have chosen the “A-hole dad” option. I’m hoping he eases off Brandon in the upcoming episodes, as this new personality really doesn’t suit him. At least he’s the winner this week!


Barry: $11,572
Darrell: $33,280
Dave: $10,065
Jarrod & Brandi: $10,705
Jeff: $7,229

Random Thoughts:

– Do you guys think that Dan and Laura’s conversations are that cheesy in real life? Or do they just cheese it up for the cameras?

– I loved the sign on the place Dave went to for the appraisal. “Nick Metropolis says ‘So you’ve driven past this place a million times, maybe today you should come in'”. Clever sign from the sign expert!

– It kinda bugs me when the appraisers give fake appraisals that are actually reflected in the little counter in the bottom left. It gets my hopes up!