Saving Hope “Consenting Adults” Review

Saving Hope (NBC) Consenting Adults Episode 7 (5)

One of things that effective television shows do is put the time in to set up character behaviors. Breaking Bad gives us all the machinations behind Walter White’s continued descent as a human. Mad Men shows us the long-term affect of character actions. Justified shows us that Raylan Givens’ high wire act is something that complicates the lives of all those around him. These shows (and shows like them) take our characters to strange and interesting places, but show us the road map for how we got there. In this week’s episode, Saving Hope gave us a lot of characters making decisions or behaving in ways that don’t make a ton of sense based on the six hours we have seen before or sometimes even the thirty minutes we have seen before.

Among these strange shifts in character was the situation surrounding the treatment of Dr. Joel Goran’s patient. I would never accuse Dr. Goran of being a big sweetheart, but this episode was the first time we have watched him be unnecessarily mean in his attitude towards a patient. I feel like the show wants us to believe that Goran is a shallow, arrogant jerk, but his behaviors haven’t matched that belief. What was more maddening was the fact that Goran completely changes his tune about the patient without having another significant interaction with the patient or anyone else. It’s like he left the screen, thought about it, and decided, “You know what? I like that guy.” Saving Hope tried to set up a classic TV trope with the opposites coming to understand each other, but we never got the scene where that mutual acceptance would have occurred. Oh well, at least the Goran-centric B story kept Maggie Lin out of the mix for the week.

In addition to Goran’s mood swings, the entire ex-wife storyline has yet to be rooted to the ground. Every time she pops in, the question “What’s her deal?” immediately springs to mind. To me, they’ve fallen a bit short in explaining why the ex-wife feels the need to be a part of this situation. If the set up is that she still loves Charlie, that’s fine, but you have to show us that. Right now, she just looks like a spiteful woman who wants to make Alex’s life miserable and Charlie’s life end. If Charlie attempted to defend her actions to the audience it would be different, but he clearly doesn’t care much for her. Seriously, what is her deal? Logic holds that we should find out within the final three episodes, but we should have found out before now.

Alex’s patient of the week story left me mostly shaking my head. Alex is around death and near-death on a daily basis. Certainly, her situation with Charlie has her trying to keep from unraveling. Still, if Charlie’s situation has taught her anything, it’s that she can’t know that everything will be okay. It made her hurried promise to the mother seem kind of ridiculous. It’s understandable that Alex wants her to get better because it will be a moral victory for her situation with Charlie. The show should have left it at that. Alex Reid is tough, resilient, and intelligent. All of those qualities just flew out the window for what purpose? Did the Chief of Surgery and the patient’s mother really need more lines? This show has a decent amount of acting talent at its disposal. It routinely misuses this talent.

The most fun we had this week was the flirtation between the coma patient and Charlie. It was interesting to watch two people stuck in the limbo with extremely different views on their futures. Charlie just wants to have a future, but the patient only dreaded the future. While the patient returned to her body with the opportunity to change her future (thanks to the assist from Charlie who had only known her for a day, but whatever), Charlie remains without control of his own. My favorite part of the entire sequence: Charlie acknowledging that he is bored. I’m bored with it too, Charlie. Wake up.

Quick Thoughts:

*The highly recommended masseur is a singing weirdo talking about shakras? Who would recommend that guy?

*I wish this show would endeavor to surprise me just once. “This surgery will be quick and easy.” “Oh no, this surgery is not quick and easy at all!”

*Was anyone else confused by the Chief of Surgery yelling at Alex “You have no idea what that family is going through!”? Furthermore, did anyone else want Alex to reply, “Ummmm, my fiancé is in a coma. He’s right down the hall and everything.”

*You got to love how they shoehorned in the psych guy this week. Keep grinding out those paychecks, big guy.

*How come people can wake up from comas and remember these deep conversation with Charlie, but can’t remember anything about him?

*I think that Dr. Hamza is the least helpful guy ever when it comes to comas. I didn’t realize it took a medical degree to walk in coma patients room and pronounce that you have no idea what’s going to happen. It seems like you could cover that one in your undergrad work.

What did everyone else think of this week’s Saving Hope?