Getting Hyped for Alphas Season 2

I’ll admit that in the past I’ve dreaded the return of the summer TV season. Although I welcomed the summer weather, my favorite TV shows would go on hiatus and outside of one or two series that I looked forward to, the airwaves seemed to be filled with reality programming and reruns.

My attitude towards summer TV changed last year when I unexpectedly discovered a couple of really addicting shows on the SyFy channel. For me, the stand out new show of last year’s summer season was Alphas – a series about ordinary people with extraordinary medical conditions which gave them superhuman-like abilities.

What I loved when I first watched Alphas was that this was not a story about superheros. There was no unexplained supernatural force that was giving these people their abilities. On the contrary, each Alpha was introduced from a scientific perspective and their abilities were talked about within the context of a rare and extreme medical or psychological condition.

Every incredible “super” ability came with a life altering trade off that made it difficult for these Alphas to lead normal lives. In every episode you could see that from the character’s perspective, the negative effects of their underlying conditions outweighed the thrill of their superhuman side effects.

So what am I looking forward to the most this season?
(Warning: Season 1 spoilers ahead!)

The Aftermath

This season starts off in a world that is completely different from what we saw in season 1. Dr. Rosen changed the world they live in by taking the Alpha phenomenon public in that final episode. The Alphas team doesn’t have Dr. Rosen around to help them cope with daily life, and Dr. Rosen doesn’t have his Alphas team around to help him either. All of these characters are going to be at the lowest points in their lives, but the world isn’t going to pause to give them a chance to recover.

New Alphas

Alphas Season 2

SyFy recently released their list of guest stars for this new season of Alphas including, Sean Astin, C. Thomas Howell, Lauren Holly, Steve Byers, Kandyse McClure, and Noah Reid. Not all of these characters will be Alphas, but I’m excited to see what extreme conditions will yield new Alpha abilities. Maybe we’ll also see some new Alphas that have the same conditions as some of the other Alphas we’ve already met.

Returning Alphas

ALPHAS (SyFy) "Catch and Release" Episode 7 (1)

Summer Glau’s character, Skylar, was one of my favorite Alphas last season and I’m so thrilled that they were able to weave her character back into the story. John Pyper-Ferguson is set to return as the chilly Stanton Parish, and Kathleen Munroe will be back to play Dr. Rosen’s mysterious daughter.


ALPHAS (SyFy) "The Unusual Suspects" Episode 10 (10)

Ryan Cartwright puts incredible detail into his portrayal of Gary Bell and it’s hard to not fall in love with Gary’s blunt sensibilities and observational humor. The Gary and Bill combo in particular always gets me laughing and I’m looking forward to the two of them back on screen together for more of this kind of banter:

    Gary: Give me the gun I’ll shoot it.
    Bill: Gary, I’m not giving you my gun.
    Gary: Yeah, give me your… no, you’re right. Give me a grenade.

Alphas season 2 premieres on Monday, July 23 at 10/9c on the SyFy Channel – what are you looking forward to the most?