Comic-Con 2012 – Star Wars: The Clone Wars Panel

Comic-Con 2012 - Star Wars The Clone Wars Panel

The hit series from Cartoon Network, Star Wars: Clone Wars made an appearance at Comic-Con 2012 this weekend to talk about the fifth season of the show. On hand for the panel was supervising director Dave Filoni, head writer Matt Michnovetz, plus Star Wars author and moderator Pablo Hidalgo (flanked by a few clones who joined them onstage and stood guard while the three spoke about the series).

Throughout the panel, the audience was treated to multiple clips from the upcoming season, including mock-ups of new characters, clips from the season 4 Blu-ray edition and more. The series is due to come out some time this fall and judging by the reaction of the fans in that room, it will be a highly-anticipated premiere.

Here are a few highlights from the panel:

Regarding Darth Maul, the writers remarked that he is a much more intelligent character than some people may have thought and that they’ve worked hard to try and make him someone that people could empathize with.

The writers were understandably a little cagey about some details of the upcoming season, refusing to confirm or deny whether or not Darth Maul will keep his raptor-like legs throughout season 5.

When it comes to choosing what story lines are used on the series, they told us that all the writers on the show will pitch various ideas, often conspiring with each other to get votes for the story lines they want to be told that season.

Each season the animators have learned how to make more and more characters, which is why this season there will be more characters on the show than ever before.

This year the show has some new writers, from shows like Criminal Minds and Lost, which has made the original writers want to step up their game.

The writers promised that season 5 will be their best season yet and gave some hints about what we could see from some of the characters, such as: Obi Wan will find out more about Padme & Anakin, meanwhile Anakin will continue to be challenged by his relationship with Padme, and Ahsoka is apparently going to have a great year as a lot will happen with her this season.