Burn Notice “Split Decision” Review – Michael, The Chess Master

Burn Notice (USA) Split

In tonight’s episode of Burn Notice, called “Split Decision,” Michael does his best to be everywhere at once and you know what? He damn near pulls it off.

First up, he’s still trying to free Fi and Card comes back with a plan that can (sort of) make that happen. Card needs Fi’s help to capture an arms dealer and then he’ll pull strings to get her turned into a CIA asset. That won’t let her off, but if Michael can manage to secure her get-out-of-jail-free card (aka Anson) then she can be let loose.

But before Michael can help Fi and Card with their plan, he’s put to work helping Rebecca get a man off her brother’s tail. This sends him undercover with the creep who’s going after Trent, and gives him the chance to do one of those wacky characters he does so well. It also gives Jesse and Nate a chance to work together, which I found hilarious. Those two personalities fit together well.

Between all the various jobs that he had to keep track of, Michael was kind of like a master at chess in this episode. Knowing how each move he executes now will affect moves he hasn’t even made yet. Everything he’s done has been leading him slowly to the point where Fi will be free and I’m amazed that he’s managing to keep it together without her for so long. I mean I know we’ve seen him lose it here and there, but overall he’s surviving and I know that’s gotta be hard for him. Let’s just hope that he doesn’t have that many more moves to make before he has her back, otherwise I think he may start to lose it.

My favorite bits..

Michael comparing being a spy with any other corporate job. Scary how the two of those things sound so similar.

“The consensus was that your panties would be in a bunch over this.”

“For all I know, the guy wandered into wrong section of Bed Bath & Beyond.” – I’ve done that. Very scary.

“No, thank you. Bring on the ex-con.” – Haha! Jesse and Nate on a case together. This is gonna be awesome.

“Someone just got their first lesson in cattle prod safety. Two hands dude.”

Not being able to help the fact that every time someone on the show says the name “Hank,” I end up thinking about Hank on Royal Pains. Considering what they keep saying about the guy, it’s creating some very odd images in my head.

Michael clarifying what “procurement specialist” meant.

Michael, as always, doing a great job at playing a moron.

“If you say pretty, I’ll break your jaw.”
“No I was going to go with terrifying.”

Maddie telling Card to back off.

Poor Michael trying to get one job done and getting a call from Fi to do something else in the middle of that one. Jeesh!

Fi rightly pointing out that Michael can’t be everywhere at once. He sure does try though.

“If we die, it’s on you Evil Knievel.” – Ha!

Michael talking about what his mom used to day about his dad when he beat her up. He may have been in “character” when he said, but there’s no doubt he was telling the truth. Whoa.

Card telling Fi the truth about why he pulled Michael out of Ireland. Wow, I can’t say I was expecting that. Who knew under that a-hole exterior he actually cared about Michael?

“You think Fi would replace me with a Brit??” – Haha!

What did you think of this episode of Burn Notice? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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