Rizzoli & Isles “Crazy for You” Review

Jane and Maura have certainly been through the wringer during this third season of Rizzoli & Isles.

This week’s episode began with the murder of Dr. Eve and Rod Parker as well as the return of the awkward yet funny Dr. Pike. Although Jane and Maura have been on an emotional roller coaster, things (crappy ex-husband aside) have been going quite well for Angela. She was the recent recipient of a new car thanks to the honor of being named Can-O Espresso’s employee of the month. How funny was Angela in that car?

In true dramatic television fashion, a pregnant woman hits Angela during the middle of her Can-O Espresso promotion. The woman was at the station paying unpaid parking tickets and revealed that her father’s child left her. Frankie saw her name and realized that she was the woman his father was seeing.

Frankie and Jane did not know what to make of Lydia’s revelation that their father dumped his very pregnant fiance. Because of their separation, Lydia was living out of her car.

Along with solving a crime and dealing with her father’s problems in his personal life, Jane was also receiving texts from what appeared to be a wrong number.

While sharing her father’s drama with Maura, Jane finally learned that her brother Tommy slept with Lydia. Maura speculated that Jane’s father dumped Lydia because he learned that Tommy slept with his fiance and was the father of her child. Maura advised Jane to tell her mother that she may soon be a grandmother.

Things were equally strange for Maura, who was dealing with a swag-dishing Pike. A drunken Pike revealed to Maura that he was in love with her and that he had made a lot of bad investments. The fight between Popov and Pike over Maura was just sad – if we can even call that a fight. Thank goodness for Billy for intervening and suggesting a technique to help Jane with her case.

I paid no attention to Dominick, the bread delivery guy, when Angela reintroduced him to Jane at the start of the episode. What an oversight. As Jane set out to break the news of the Tommy/daddy/Lydia triangle to Angela, Dominick kidnapped her in his bread truck.

Thankfully, Maura realized that Parker was likely calling Jane to warn her about a patient. With the aid of Billy’s fingerprint enhancement device, the team realized it was Dominick – who previously served time for stalking and maiming. It was revealed that he had a mental disorder that led him to believe that Jane was in love with him. Dominick had stalked Jane for some time, as he was able to create an exact replica of her bedroom. Ick.

Thanks to some smart moves by Jane and Maura’s brilliance, Frost was able to locate the building where Jane was being held. Whew.

What an action packed episode. There was a surprise pregnancy, a murder involving a cross-dressing judge, a kidnapping, a drunken love confession and Maura’s decision to keep her motherhood options open by freezing her eggs. Wow. Hopefully next week will bring the drama with a little less danger.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Rizzoli & Isles? I especially loved that Maura can now officially call family Rizzoli family meetings. Sound off below!