Comic-Con 2012: Futurama Panel Gets My Vote for Most Fun Panel of the Week

Comic-Con 2012: Futurama

Okay so I just have to come out and say up front that I don’t watch Futurama, but after going to the panel they had at Comic-Con 2012, I may just have to change that. I can honestly say that I’ve never had so much fun or laughed so hard at a panel in my life.

The reason I’ve never seen the show is that I’m not usually into animation. But the thing I didn’t realize about animation series is how much fun the people are who create them. This group of misfits..erm actors and creators, seemed to have the time of their lives up there on the stage. They answered questions in different voices, messed with each other on stage, gave silly answers to questions from the audience, cheered harder than anyone over the costume contest contestants and overall just had a grand old time.

Before the panel got started, we were treated to the first 8 minutes of an upcoming episode called “Fun on a Bun” which was both hilarious and incredibly disgusting. After that, creator Matt Groening, director Stephen Sandoval, writer Patrick Verrone, head writer David X. Cohen and voice cast including Maurice Lamarche, Billy West, John Di Maggio and Lauren Tom all took the stage to start the real festivities.

Here are a few highlights from the wackiness that ensued:

The actors treated us to descriptions of some upcoming episodes, reading each synopsis in the voice of a different character.

We were told that Patrick Stewart himself will be doing a voice in an upcoming episode.

Zoidberg is apparently going to be getting some action this year. He’s going to fall in love with a woman who has no sense of smell, which is perfect for him as he suffers from body odor issues.

The cast and crew has gotten a lot of fan drawings depicting characters on the show. They described these drawings as: “Some are great, some are a little sad and some are quite erotic.”

Billy West did some live “Not Sure.” memes, using huge posters that he stuck his head into and then read the descriptions in character.

Stephen and Matt were pitted against each other in a drawing contest, refereed by a couple of the actors on stage. The drawings were done on huge pads of paper and Matt won by a landslide when he flipped his book to the last page to show a beautiful drawing that had obviously been completed well beforehand. This form of cheating was not only ignored, it was encouraged by everyone on stage and in the audience.

Matt was given a Comic-Con Icon award by a representative from the convention, for his work in supporting the arts.

Everyone on stage judged the costume contest and the fan who won (wearing an awesome Zoidberg costume) was given the two drawings done by Matt and Stephen in the drawing contest.