Comic-Con 2012 – Defiance Panel With Grant Bowler, Julie Benz & Jaime Murray


Comic-Con is a place known for bringing us the scoop on TV shows that will be premiering this fall and this past weekend was no different. Syfy’s new series Defiance made an appearance, bringing the cast and creators together to talk about the show that will combine a TV series with an online game.

On hand to discuss the new show were stars Grant Bowler, Julie Benz, Stephanie Leonidas, Tony Curran, and Jaime Murray, plus those bringing the show from behind the camera – Kevin Murphy, Nick Beliaeff, Rob Hill and Mark Stern showed clips from the series and the game, and answered questions from the audience.

From the few scenes that we got to see, Defiance had a somewhat Firefly-like feel, though it didn’t look nearly as realistic and gritty to me (two features that I loved about Firefly).

The show is set to air in April of 2013 and here are some highlights from the panel:

Mark Stern said that Defiance is the biggest thing they’ve done since Battlestar Galactica. In fact, the same people who brought you the visual effects on that hit series will also be working on Defiance.

The show is described as a frontier drama, with a mix of a lot of cultures. Plus there will be a lot of different types of aliens in the series. In the show, aliens will come to earth looking for a home and many will set up residence there.

The series, along with the game, was described as “genuine new media,” as fans will be able to have a great experience either playing the game on its own or watching the show on its own, but if they do both their experience will be greatly expanded. Thanks to Defiance, fans will get to be a viewer AND a gamer.

The game will begin with two characters who will then end up on the TV series. Fans who play the game will sometimes have the ability to impact what happens on the show. Though they were quick to point out that “this is not Survivor” and no gamer will have the ability to kill off a character on the series.

To keep things separate, the game will be set in San Francisco and the series in St. Louis (which has been renamed “Defiance” in the show).

The show promises a lot of attention to detail. For instance four different alien languages have already been created for the series. Also, the creators talked about the difficulties of creating something in the virtual game world and then building it in real life to be filmed on the series (such as vehicles, etc).

The show promises to feature very strong female characters, as the women hold most of the power on this series.

Many small elements will constantly cross over from the game to the TV series, such as weapons, vehicles, etc.

The game and the series will be released simultaneously all over the world so that everyone can watch and play at the same time.

There will be a contest held where a gamer’s character (that they create for the Defiance game) will be put into the second season of the TV series.

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