White Collar “Most Wanted” Review – Things Just Got Real

White Collar "Most Wanted" Season 4 Episode 2

In tonight’s episode of White Collar, called “Most Wanted,” Neal Caffrey is exactly that – the most wanted man on the little island where he thought he was safe. Once Collins has Neal in his hot little hands he figures that the wily criminal will always figure out a way to escape as long as he’s got two working legs, so he shoots Neal to take away one of them.

At that moment, I felt like White Collar suddenly got real. In fact, it seems like nearly all of USA’s shows have been cranked up a notch this season and I gotta say that I’m liking it a lot. The only beef I’ve usually ever had with USA shows, especially those about cops, FBI agents and the like, is that they weren’t quite gritty enough for my taste. Shooting Neal Caffrey, even if it was only in the leg and hardly life-threatening, upped the stakes for me.

Neal of course does get away, thanks to the combined efforts of Mozzie and Peter. I always like it when those two get to work together and seeing them both so worried about Neal was great. I wasn’t sure how we were going to get back to the point where Neal was in New York again and working for the FBI, but then they discovered that Dobbs was really a wanted fugitive and poof, suddenly Peter had the leverage he needed to get Neal back where he belongs.

But then just as everyone is celebrating the reunion, Peter drops the bomb that he’s been reassigned. I really hope that it doesn’t last too long, even if I’m sure that he and Neal will still figure out a way to work together. It looks like they just can’t stay away from each other for that long.

My favorite bits…..

Thinking that probably both ‘Team Thieving 101’ and Catching ‘Neal Caffrey 101′ might be some interesting books.

“One thing I know about Neal, he knows how to run.”

Neal figuring out a way to turn his handcuffs into a wrench. So freaking brilliant.

Collins figuring out that Neal had unscrewed the bars. Guess he’s no slouch either.

Wait. What?? Holy crap! I really hope that Peter kicks Agent Collins’ ass. What a jerk. Poor Neal.

Mozzie tapping on the car as he ran by, letting know Neal they were there.

“What happened to you?”
“I got shot.”
“Oh, welcome to the club.”

“Did he get into the rum?”
“I don’t know.”

Loving the fact that they used the standard speed frames that they usually use in New York, but this time with the oceans and sky on the island.

Mozzie calling Neal “Hopalong.” – Ha!

Neal giving Peter bartending lessons and advising him to use his baseball skills to toss the shaker. Awesome.

The looks on Neal and Mozzie’s faces when they tried Peter’s drink. LOL.

“That’s not an omen.”

“You’re a bigger menace to society than he ever was.” – True fact.

Kinda digging Peter in the bartender uniform. Not gonna lie.

“Going island hopping?”
“Oh, you’ve been saving that one.”

Mozzie pointing out that their situation was pretty much exactly how they’d planned their retirement.

The handshake and those final words between Mozzie and Peter. Love how much they both worry about (and protect) Neal.

The look between Peter and Neal when Neal said he was getting his old desk back. Awww!

“Hear that? We’re going home.”

The moment Neal mentioned a medal, I KNEW they were going to bring out his anklet.

Holy crap! Peter has been reassigned?? Noooo!

What did you think of this episode of White Collar? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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