The L.A. Complex “Vacancy” Review – Welcome To Season Two!

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After the crazy season one finale, The L.A. Complex returned for its second season tonight on The CW. Last season, we left Tariq had the crap beat out of him by King, while Connor burned his house down, and Raquel found out that she was pregnant.

“Vacancy” picks up right where season one left off – King is trying to run damage control on his issues with Tariq, Connor is dealing with the aftermath of the fire by drowning his sorrows in a bottle, Raquel has taken every pregnancy test known to man, and Nick and Abby are trying to figure out exactly what they’ve got going on in their relationship. Not to mention how they’re going to pay the extra $400 a month to The Luxe for rent.

Abby was supposed to have a role in a movie, but things fell through with that. She heads on over to another audition that her agent got her for a role on a TV show, only to discover when she arrives that it’s a Christian show… and Abby sticks out like a sore thumb. Alan Thicke guest stars as the star of the show, and calls Abby a few choice words before (not so) politely excusing her from her audition.

Nick is offered an interview for a writer position on a talk show, and imagine his surprise when Sabrina is in the running for the same job. One thing that I do not find overly enjoyable about The L.A. Complex is how Nick is an absolute horrible comedian. And despite the fact that professionals keep telling him this, he just keeps on keeping on. Which is normally a trait I admire, but Nick. Enough is enough.

Raquel and Connor are struggling through their own issues. Connor struggles with being by himself, a problem that he pretty much fixed by burning down his house and earning himself a spot in Raquel’s room for a while. Raquel is trying to figure out how to tell her baby’s daddy that he is actually going to be a daddy, and we don’t know if the baby is Connor or Gary’s. Since Connor is the safe choice, I hope the writers of The L.A. Complex go with Gary.

Then there’s poor Tariq. He’s forced to sign a confidentiality agreement that states he won’t say anything about the incident with King. This is after King’s agent confesses to the rapper that the studio has cameras all over the freaking place and that he knows exactly what went down between King and Tariq. Needless to say King doesn’t take Tariq’s heartbreaking request for a plane ticket home and basically a time machine so he never had to meet King… and the last 30 seconds of The L.A. Complex will blow your mind.

So crazy, so dramatic, and so absolutely wonderful. I’m ecstatic that The L.A. Complex is back on The CW!!