The L.A. Complex Season 2 Advance Review

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When last we tuned into The L.A. Complex, Connor had just intentionally set fire to his house, Tariq was beaten up by his secret lover, Kaldrick King, Raquel found out she was pregnant, Alicia had finally hit it big, and Nick and Abby were still trying to break their way in to show business.

Season 2 of The L.A. Complex premieres tonight and I was lucky enough to be able to watch the first two episodes. Although I cannot tell you everything that happened, I can give you a bit of a preview. How about we take it by character?

Connor – We find Connor dealing with the aftermath of the fire that destroys his first home. The fire forces him to take up residence with an unlikely friend. He also gets a proposition for a career move that is a bit unusual, to say the least. It makes him wonder how far he would go to be a movie star.

Raquel – One pregnancy test was not enough for Raquel. This new development, however, has her rethinking not only her life plans and career, but also her relationships with others. My question is, though, who is the father? Is it the guy she met in AA or Connor?

Tariq – Tariq is still reeling from the horrible attack by King after the producers find them kissing. Will this be enough for Tariq to leave King for good? I have to say this story line is so sad. Both Tariq and King seem so torn by this love they have for each other. For King it is because he refuses to go public with it. For Tariq, it is not only King’s secrecy, but the constant shift in behavior he has to deal with. When Tariq finally confronts King, he has some rather profound words for him. This relationship also leads to a very shocking end to the first episode.

Abby – Abby is cast on a show for which she is very ill suited. Hint: it contains a morality clause. Things are not quite as they seem on the set. I get a very creepy vibe from everyone on the show including the always loveable, Alan Thicke.

Nick – Nick finally gets a break, in large part due to the set and the jokes he stole from Sabrina. Do you think she would walk away that easy? Currently, the Nick and Sabrina realtionship, in all of the various forms it takes in the first two episodes is my favorite. Also, Nick does not appear to have the talent he thinks he does, at least in my opinion.

Alicia – Alicia leaves in the first episode for her new life. So far, that is all I have seen of her.

What else happened in the episodes? New characters, of course! They could not leave Alicia’s apartment/room empty for long, right? It is not like Abby would just take up that space since she is shacking up with Nick and enjoying it very much. At first I was confused by the new characters as they were not introduced at the complex itself, but at some other location with a few scenes. I struggled to place them with the rest of the cast until I determined they were new. They will certainly add to the dynamic of the complex for sure. They are not at all like any of the other characters so far.

Are you excited for Season 2 of The L.A. Complex? Then tune in tonight at 9 pm ET on the CW. Then come back here and tell me what you thought of that ending scene!