Teen Wolf “Raving” Review


To catch a shifter . . .

Okay Teen Wolf fans, was that a great episode or what?!? I’ve been waiting with bated breath to discuss this episode after watching it at the Teen Wolf panel at Comic-Con last week. To quote Martin Lawrence from both Bad Boys movies, “$hit just got real.”

This week’s episode of Teen Wolf was all about the pursuit of Jackson the kanima and his master. In one corner, we had the Argents. A family that once had a code, they were determined to kill Jackson – despite the fact it appears that he only sheds the blood of other killers. Isn’t that essentially what the Argents do (or are supposed to do under the code)? And does that make the kanima the Dexter of Teen Wolf? Spinoff anyone?

In the other corner, we had team Scott/Derek. This team seemed to have conflicting agendas as I’m sure Derek was as determined to kill Jackson as Scott was to save him. Both teams came up short this week and will probably continue to do so until all members are on the same page.

Although we didn’t get any insight into Lydia this week, we got some really good screen time with other aspects of the show I love. Let’s review:

Stiles and Sheriff Stilinski

I love the dynamic between Stiles and his dad. When Stiles “kidnapped” Jackson the other week and ended a text he sent on Jackson’s behalf with “I love you,” it illuminated the strength of their relationship. I loved seeing the duo pair up to identify the pattern between the kanima’s victims.

In addition to the great father/son scene, we got some interesting revelations about the kamina master’s revenge-driven mission. All of the victims have a connection to the creepy science teacher, Mr. Harris. Mr. Harris appears to be the driver of the car with the Einstein bumper sticker that shared a moment with the kanima a few weeks ago. He was also present at the rave, which seems a little odd for a teacher who should know that his students will also be in attendance.

Mr. Harris being involved in the kanima mystery is not a huge surprise. If you recall, he was also involved in Peter’s plan to avenge the murder of his family last season. He appeared to know what Peter was and although he was clearly afraid of Peter, he was not shocked by what he was. This guy seems to be a staple with the supernaturals as well as plots to get back at murderers. He also seems to hate most of his students – except Jackson.

My heart broke when Stiles learned that his antics with Jackson (aka Mr. “I have a restraining order!”) cost his dad his job. The sheriff seems pretty good at his job and hopefully the town leaders will realize that he is needed to figure out who is behind the murders. I’m torn on whether or not Stiles should tell his father the truth about the supernaturals.

Derek’s Pack and Scott

I was happy that Scott finally relented last week and agreed to work with Derek. Although Scott is reluctant to admit it, Derek has been an invaluable source of support and guidance during his wolf transition. He may not agree with Derek’s approach (or his opinion about the Argents) but the Alpha has consistently acted in Scott’s best interest.

It was great to see the two working together this week and even find useful ways to include Boyd, Erica and Isaac. Derek’s pack has been a bit impulsive, which has allowed Scott to deal with them pretty handily. This week’s episode finally showed his pack acting in a more mature, controlled manner, which will be crucial to dealing with the kanima and whatever master plan the ghost of Peter Hale has in store. We finally got to see Boyd do more than give Derek that look that says “what the hell did I get myself into?” Good stuff.

The Magic of Stiles and the Veterinarian’s Secret

Although he does not appear in every episode, Dr. Deaton is one of my favorite Teen Wolf characters. Admittedly, I love everyone that appeared in The Wire but this character has been intriguing from the start. He maintains that he is a vet but his family (assuming the counselor is also a relative) has deep ties to the supernatural/hunter community. I love that he fears no one and this week, we saw him teach our beloved Stiles how to believe in his own magic.

The Argents

The Argents have proven to be more frightening than the kanima and Peter Hale combined. Seriously. The family is batshit crazy. Chris was my only remaining hope for the Argents as he seemed to be the only one with any desire to follow the code. That, of course, will likely change next week as he deals with the fallout from his wife’s much-deserved bite. Speaking of crazy Mama Argent . . .

So killing a teenager is the appropriate way to react when you learn that your daughter is still dating a werewolf? Really? Poor clueless Allison. She, like many of us, probably thought her mother was just being dramatic when she previously said that Allison staying away from Scott would prevent the family from having to kill a sixteen-year-old boy. That wasn’t hyperbole, Allison. That was the truth. Things did not look good for Mama Argent at the end of the episode. Thanks to Peter, we know that she will either die or become a wolf or become a wolf and off herself. Based on the previews, I’m not optimistic that she will live. Given her behavior, I say good riddens. Unfortunately, this will seriously complicate things between Allison and Scott – especially if no one tells Allison the truth behind Derek’s attack.

We also got a bit of confirmation about what many have suspected all along – Gerald Argent is also a supernatural of some sort. We’ve previously gotten hints of it with the mysterious pill popping. It appeared as though Gerald could not move through the barrier Stiles created. Very interesting. I’m sure we’ll learn his secret soon enough, hopefully as he is moving on to the afterlife. I’ve had enough of that creepy guy.

Random thoughts –

Does anyone think it is just a little strange that the small town of Beacon Hills has a great gay club that is open during the week and has exclusive warehouse parties?

Scott works more consistently than he attends class. He just got a pay raise. His dates with Allison seem to be limited to late-night frolics in the woods. Why doesn’t he have any money?!?

I’m not a fan of Matt so I enjoyed the lack of patience Stiles had for his concussion.

And there you have it Teen Wolf fans, another great episode! What did you think? As someone who absolutely loves Stiles, I thought it was an excellent episode for him. Sound off below!