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Hello Supernatural fans! I trust those of you that were lucky enough to actually attend San Diego Comic-Con have recovered, and those of us that were bitter that we couldn’t go and had to follow along on Twitter and Tumblr have come to terms with the disappointment. Since the Supernatural fandom is amazing, it sort of feels like I actually attended Comic-Con… but in a better way then those that were crammed into a lecture hall with a billion and a half other people.

A lot of different things came out of the Supernatural panel at Comic-Con including, but not limited to, spoilers for the upcoming season 8. I have to say that I had a very ticket off best friend on my hands yesterday after she looked at her social media sites. That led me to change the topic of Supernatural Chat this week so we can discuss something that I want to hear the fan’s opinion about. Spoilers.

Please note, that I’m going to keep this article spoiler free for season 8, so if you’re caught up through Supernatural season 7, you’re totally okay to read on. If you’re not – stop here because I cannot guarantee no spoilers! Also this week, I’m getting away from the numbered lists – this is more an essay type article, be warned.

I approach the topic of spoilers as if I see them, I see them… I don’t seek them out and I don’t freak out if I do see them. I know that there are extremes to both ends of the spoiler spectrum, so I asked my bff (who is one of the extreme “I don’t want to know anything, EVER!”) what she classifies as a spoiler. This is what I found out:

Anything that has to do with a plot point. Examples of this are:

  • Announcing that a recurring guest star will appear in episode number XXX, but not in the series before that.
  • That the season will put primary focus on XYZ from the finale, but it will not be resolved quickly.
  • Casting news that specifically lists what the character is (casting for a new angel, demon, big bad, etc.)
  • Episode titles
  • Episode titles don’t really pertain to Supernatural since they don’t give away plot points, but for other shows, these can pretty much tell you exactly what’s going to happen in the episode weeks (or even months) before it actually airs.

    So, let’s look at the first point. Announcing when a recurring cast guest star will be in a specific episode. I can completely see this point, especially when talking about Supernatural. Let’s take season 7 as an example. When Castiel disappeared in the very beginnings of the season, everyone was wondering what happened to him, if he was coming back, etc. Heck, we even wrote articles about how that couldn’t be the goodbye that Cas deserved for the series. And then leave it to the fans (and whoever leaked the info) to tell us that Misha had been seen on set filming for episodes in the later part of the season. Spoiler? Yes.

    This goes hand in hand with Jim Beaver’s return as ghost Bobby. Although, Jim did a fantastic job at keeping his filming and return under wraps, and when he appeared in the last few seconds of that episode, my heart couldn’t handle it. It was one moment when I was beyond thrilled that I had no idea he was returning.

    Onto discussing the primary focus of a season. Personally, I don’t consider this a huge spoiler. I can understand that fans want to know where the season is headed, so teasing that season 6 was going to focus on some big changes in Sam’s personality would be okay… but flat out saying Sam has to deal with things that went on in hell would give away quite a bit of information. So, I think that this point really depends on how much information is given to the fans.

    Casting news sort of follows the same pattern. Announcing that the person is going to be introduced as Dean and Sam’s brother is one thing, but saying that Adam would drop a bomb on the boys would be both intriguing and not giving anything huge away.

    Okay, so, now that it’s defined, what else do you consider spoilers? Set pictures? Actor tweets from the set? Spec scripts?

    How do you, as a fan, feel about spoilers? Are you one that seeks them out? If so, why? Doesn’t knowing what’s going to happen sort of take the fun out of watching the episodes live? I’d love to hear your thoughts in comments!

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