Covert Affairs “Sound and Vision” Review – Marriage Isn’t Easy

Covert Affairs (USA) Sound and Vision

In tonight’s episode of Covert Affairs, called “Sound and Vision,” Auggie and Annie take part in a time-honored tradition that has appeared on nearly every show that features male and female agents working in some sort of law enforcement agency – they pretend to be married for a case. Granted they didn’t take it to the lengths that Tony and Ziva did on NCIS (who can forget that opening scene where those two pretended to get hot and heavy under the sheets? *fans self*), but it did take things to a very interesting place for both of them.

Auggie wants to nail the assignment because he really wants to do a good job for Joan, plus it gives him a chance to get an idea of what marriage might feel like. Turns out he’s got plans to pop the question to Parker. Annie wants to do well too, but she also spends a lot of time worrying about and protecting Auggie. One could assume that Jai’s recent death would be the only reason she feels protective but the look on her face when he announced his intentions with Parker seemed to suggest that her feelings may be deeper than that. I’m thinking we’re going to see more backlash from this episode in the rest of the season.

Meanwhile, the whole Jai mystery gets a little deeper when Joan finds out that Arthur had hired a private security firm to tail Jai in the few weeks before his death. What that means exactly we still don’t know yet, nor do we know how it’s all connected to Annie’s assignment with the man who has the mysterious tattoo. Looks like there’s a lot we have to look forward to this season.

My favorite bits..

Annie watching them carve a new star for Jai.

Auggie remarking that Annie’s two “moms” had been called into the “principal’s office.”

“I’m going back out into the field; I’d sit in baggage if I had to.”

“How did you know?”
“I could tell from your tan lines.”

Auggie dragging Annie’s chair over closer to him.

“You’re enjoying this way too much.”
“I’m enjoying this just the right amount.”

Thinking that it all went down just a little *too* easy.

Annie joking that the first thing a guy does when he gets married is stop listening.

“Whatever you say, dear.”

The look on Annie’s face when Auggie said he was going to ask Parker to marry him.

Oh crap, I knew that was too easy.

Wondering what Annie was spelling on Auggie’s back.

The incredible teamwork they used to take down the attacker in the elevator.

Annie reassuring Auggie after he told her he dropped the case.

The whole conversation between Arthur and Jai’s father in the prison.

Auggie telling Annie that her job was to go after the package, not go back for him. Whoa.

Annie admitting that she went back for Auggie because she didn’t want to lose another friend that week. Aww.

Whoa! Did someone just say “shit” on this show? Looks like Covert Affairs has joined the big boys.

Auggie pulling Annie out of the way just in time before the car hit them. Whew!

“If she doesn’t like it, she’s not the right girl.”

Annie barely keeping it together after sending Auggie off.

What did you think of this episode of Covert Affairs? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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