Comic Con 2012: The Following – Just How Creepy is the New FOX Drama ?

Comic Con 2012 The Following

Well, given the fact I have now seen the pilot episode of the new FOX drama The Following twice – thanks to advanced screenings at last week’s Comic Con 2012 – I can say this series is CREEPY!!! Does that about sum it up?

The show, of course, comes from the deliciously demented mind of TV and film legend Kevin Williamson, who for those uninitiated is the man behind the Scream franchise (he wrote all four of the movies, folks!) and he is the creative mind behind Dawson’s Creek and the co-executive producer of the hit CW series The Vampire Diaries.

During the panel introducing The Following to the Comic Con crowd, it was easy to see this new series is going to be dark and twisted; especially if the reactions by those viewers who were sitting around me are any example. Needless to say, many of them were jumping out of their seats and, in some instances, screaming at the brutality of convicted serial killer Joe Carroll (played very convincingly by actor James Purefoy of Rome fame). On the manhunt for Carroll is former FBI agent Ryan Hardy (played by actor Kevin Bacon), who brought the man down single-handedly nearly 10 years ago only to be called, somewhat, back into service when the killer was able to escape from maximum security prison.

Without giving much away on the pilot episode (which needs to be seen to be believed), let’s focus on what was shared by the panelists, including the aforementioned Purefoy, Bacon and Williamson as well as Executive Producer/Director Marcos Siega. First and foremost, Bacon was asked what made him want to do this show and he shared that he “wanted to do something heroic but with complexity”. He further shared that he feels his character Ryan is the “lynchpin (of the story) surrounded by death”.

Purefoy was then asked what was so compelling about his character Joe that enticed him to want to play such a psychotic person. He shared “that he is a complex bad guy (who) Ryan shouldn’t have put away” (at least in Carroll’s mind that is). And given how much gore is featured in the series (you will fully understand once you see the pilot episode), Williamson was asked how the creative team was able to get all of that passed the sensors, and he answered honestly that “we didn’t have to change a lot”.

There will, of course, be “much more suspense” as the season progresses, according to Siega and a bit of a “scorecard” will be going on between the two sides (Carroll vs. Hardy) especially given the unexpected twists in the pilot (again, I cannot stress enough, despite the gore, you need to see this pilot).

Other cast members of The Following include Natalie Zea (Justified), Jeananne Goossen (Alcatraz), Shawn Ashmore (X-Men franchise) and Billy Brown (Dexter). FOX has yet to schedule a debut date yet for The Following, but it is anticipated to grace TV screens during mid-season of the 2012-2013 TV season.

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