Comic Con 2012: NBC Introduces You to Revolution

Comic Con 2012 Revolution

This fall NBC will introduce a new action-adventure series by J.J. Abrams (the man behind Alias, Felicity and a little show called Lost) and Eric Kripke (the man behind the long-running CW series Supernatural). That new series is called Revolution.

During Comic Con 2012, the debut episode of Revolution was screened and a panel was held that included cast members Billy Burke (from the Twilight franchise), Giancarlo Esposito (from Breaking Bad and Once Upon a Time), newcomer Tracy Spiridakos (who some may recognize from Syfy’s Being Human) and J.D. Pardo (from American Dreams and the short-lived Drive) as well as Eric Kripke himself.

Most of the panel, sadly or otherwise, was dedicated to screening the pilot episode that follows what happens to the world when one day all power simply goes out and never comes back on. Jump 15 years later to an America that is a wasteland of abandoned cities and an ever dwindling society filled with small clusters of civilians desperately trying to survive while a growing militia builds to rule the entire country (justly or not).

The biggest question is just who in the hell is behind the worldwide black-out? The answer to that, I fear, is tenfold given the fact that Eric shared ‘it will be an ongoing mystery, but I can promise you we have the answers”. He also shared that the origin behind the show was that he wanted “to do something epic like Lord of the Rings or Star Wars or The Wizard of Oz or Odyssey; an epic saga (that goes) across America with swords, good and evil with heroes and villains” and since “he is totally incapable of writing a cop show” here comes Revolution.

He also shared that our modern society actually provided a great ‘what if’ story. “The events in Revolution were not caused by nuclear war or disease. It was just caused by the power going off. We are over-reliant on our technology and everyone can picture themselves in this world”.

Billy then talked about the ‘sword school’ for which he participated in order to get prepared for the physicality of his role as former military man Miles Matheson. He shared that Jeff Wolf, who is their stunt coordinator/choreographer, is not only one of the best people in the business but he also came up with their own special “style of fighting”. He joked that it is “two tons of fun” and when you see the final fight scene near the end of the episode you will completely understand that statement.

When asked to talk about his character – former insurance adjuster and now militia member Captain Neville – Giancarlo seemed to have an interesting take on him, sharing “he was probably a weakling kid who had a dream to be a stronger man and when he realized being an insurance adjuster enabled him to be a master at reading people’s body language, he transferred that into figuring out he could be a more powerful human being (after the power went out)”.

The conversation then turned to young Charlotte “Charlie” Matheson played by Tracy who shared that “her entire drive is getting her brother back [he is taken by the militia near the beginning of the episode, which leads to the epic saga across America for which Eric mentioned] and she really wants to go on an adventure to see more of the world that she has been shielded from”.

Lastly, JD talked about his character Nate, who joins up with Charlie and several other community members on the trek to track to find her brother. “He is an expert archer, he’s a fighter and you don’t know quite where his allegiance (lies)” [and the truth behind his character – or so it would seem – will be revealed fairly quickly in the pilot].

It should also be noted that actor turned director Jon Favreau made the introduction himself for the screening of the pilot, which will actually see actress Andrea Roth be replaced by Lost alum Elizabeth Mitchell (playing the mother of Charlie and Danny Matheson). Other cast members of Revolution include David Lyons (The Cape), Tim Guinee (Stargate Atlantis), Maria Howell (The Blind Side), Zak Orth (Vicky Cristina Barcelona) and newcomer Graham Rogers.

Make sure you tune in to NBC on Monday, September 17 at 10 PM for the debut of Revolution and judge for yourself just who is good and evil and what might have caused the black-out.