Comic Con 2012: Delving Into the World of Person of Interest

Person of Interest Comic Con (1)

On Saturday at Comic Con 2012, I had the extreme pleasure of participating in the panel dedicated to the new CBS hit drama Person of Interest that featured among itself panelists creative minds Greg Plageman and Jonathan “Jonah” Nolan as well as cast members Jim Caviezel, Michael Emerson, Taraji P. Henson and Kevin Chapman.

The great part about these kinds of panels is the sizzle reels they show before, during or after the panels – well, it doesn’t hurt that the cast and crew are there either – but the videos that are shown are pretty damn cool, too. The video featured during the Person of Interest panel was another retrospective on the first season of the series with some sneak peeks into what to expect in season two, especially given the fact that the mysterious “Root” has been identified (being played by fan favorite actress Amy Acker) and that Reese (Caviezel) needs to find Finch (Emerson).

Of course, the powers that be behind the show didn’t reveal too much about season two in the video reel but just enough to entice viewers to tune this fall when the show is back for its second season. They also were tight-lipped on details during the panel, but did share that Root will be back because they had a “great experience working with Amy Acker”. It was also shared that viewers will get to know the machine a little better too in the fall.

As for the actors perspectives on the show, Michael shared that he believes Reece and Finch aren’t just hero and sidekick, “they balance it out (and they have been) walking (on a) razor’s edge well so far”. He also shared that they are “playing their skill sets”; in other words, Reece is the brawn and Finch is the brains, but that will be turned on its edge in the new episodes because of Finch being taken.

Meanwhile, Taraji joked that she’s “not afraid to put on a cape” when asked to think about the show in comic book themes vs. realism. She also shared that now that she’s been on the show for a year she sees the world in a different way “thank you Jonah and Greg”.

Kevin then shared that the character arc for his character Fusco has been that “he started out as a dumb thug and then halfway through we saw the layers”. Essentially, Fusco is a good cop who got in over his head and now with working – forced or otherwise – with Reese and Finch, he is becoming the cop he probably always wanted to be. He further shared that this is “the first character I have played where people come up to me and say they like him but just don’t get shot”. [This elicited quite a bit of laughter from the panelist and audience members alike.]

Some other details that were shared during the panel include:

• Jim actually spent time with a Navy Seal team for his training and preparation for the show;
• It looks like the creative team isn’t finished with Elias (recurring guest star Enrico Colantoni) just yet;
• There will be “interesting secrets to uncover” per Jonah and Greg (unfortunately, they wouldn’t elaborate); and
• The show’s tech advisor devised the scheme of the CIA funding their endeavors by selling narcotics.

Person of Interest will return for its second season on CBS starting on Thursday, September 27 at 9/8c.

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