True Blood “Hopeless” Review

So long Roman, we hardly knew ye. Seriously, Christopher Meloni’s exit from True Blood this week was shocking and a bit anticlimactic. Of course, it marks a major transition in the Russell Edgington story but it is disappointing to have to bid adieu to Meloni so soon. I’ve often complained of True Blood having far too many cast members and enough story lines in one season to fill several seasons of the show but Meloni’s Roman was not high on my list of characters I wanted to see make a permanent exit. Oh well.


Tara is all over the place. A few weeks ago she was part vampire, part feral cat. Once her brain healed, she returned to her normal, bitter, rage-filled self. Thanks to a wardrobe change and Pam’s use of her maker powers, Tara seemed to be finding her way as a baby vampire. Just as soon as I warmed up to the idea of her finding a new friend in Jessica, the two young vamps were jostling about Fangtasia because Jessica had the nerve to mess with Tara in “her house.” What a difference a new outfit and sucking some blood from Hoyt makes.

Speaking of Hoyt, he’s definitely hit an all-time low. That was evident last week from the guy-liner, black nail polish and horrible 80s goth outfit. After one more trip on the merry-go-round of delusion, Hoyt appeared to react to Jessica’s rejection with a suicide by vampire draining.

Shifter Assassins

Hoyt nearly joined Roman as one of the night’s casualties until his shifter-hating, horrible Obama mask wearing friends showed up to save him (and kill a vampire while they were at it).

Sam and Luna survived last week’s shooting and adorable, tiny wolf Emma ran off to her grandmother. I’m not the biggest fan of Momma Marcus but there is no one I’d trust more with Emma’s life, other than her mother. I expect, however, that things will get a bit dicey once this trouble with the shifter killers is over and Luna wants her daughter back.

Curse of the Smoke Monster

Luna wasn’t the only character on True Blood forced to make a difficult family decision. Convinced that the smoke monster is a curse from his bad deeds at war, Terry made the tough decision to sacrifice his family and face his fate alone. Surely, this will not be as simple as Terry believed it to be. I can’t even begin to speculate how things will unfold for Terry as the smoke monster continues on its revenge-driven course.

Fairy Town

Jason continued to see visions of his parents and shared the truth about the accident that killed them with Sookie. I haven’t read the True Blood books but thanks to Google, I think there is much more to the fairies and Stackhouses than we’ve seen thus far. I still don’t trust the fairies and I really don’t understand how Hadley constantly finds herself caught up with the wrong people. First it was Queen Sophie Anne and now it’s these sketchy fairies with their invisible night club.

Funniest moment of the episode – Claude referring to Sookie’s overgrown baby head. Ha!

The Electrifying Ruby Jean

Visits with Ruby Jean are always a mixed bag. Although she’s hilarious, she also makes me cringe when she refers to her beloved LaLa as an abomination. Looks like Jesus visited Ruby Jean from beyond and she understood his message much better than Lafayette. Ruby Jean noted that the voices always talk to her and I wondered if she shares Lafayette’s gift and had it mistaken for mental illness. It’s likely a combination of the supernatural ability and mental illness. I hope the saga of Jesus and his sewn up mouth is wrapped up next week.

The Authority

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I don’t like nor do I trust that shifty Salome. Eric and Bill (with a bit of intrusive help from the Authority) finally managed to capture Russell Edgington. Because it was only episode 6, it was clear that either Russell’s capture would be brief or he would have a sudden change of heart and decide to take on the Authority’s cause. Yeah right.

Salome protested a bit too much when Roman proposed an immediate execution of Edgington. I don’t know what kind of mojo Salome worked in the bedroom but whatever it was, it seriously compromised Roman’s judgment. Her hesitation to kill Edgington and other suspicious responses seemed to go completely unnoticed by him. That lapse in judgment cost him his after life. I suspect things will not end well for the other Authority members in the room who looked on in horror as their fearless, clueless leader met the true death at Edgington’s hands.

Is anyone else concerned that Bill seems to be a little swept up in the Authority’s message?

I hated seeing Roman meet the true death but at least the moment gave us what will likely be one of the best lines of this season – “peace is for pu$$!es!” Oh Russell.

Tales from the Pack

Looks like I’m finally getting one of my True Blood preseason fantasies granted. After seeing his fellow wolves on v and at Russell Edgington’s side (again), Alcide decided it was time to remember he had a pair and assume his role as leader of the pack. He picked up a number two and someone I hope will prove to be a new love interest for him. It was a shame that Sookie cured him from Eric’s glamor. I would have loved to watch Alcide be grossed out by Sookie for the rest of this season.

As always, True Blood covered a lot of stories this week. If the minor stories, such as the Lafayette/Jesus mystery and Terry’s smoke monster curse, are wrapped up quickly I won’t protest too much about how much the writers are jamming into each episode. Of course, I can’t resist the havoc that Russell Edgington will wreak upon Bon Temps now that he is fully healed. Based on next week’s previews, I hope Tara does us all a favor and drains her mother dry!

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