Falling Skies “Homecoming” Review

Thankfully “Homecoming,” this week’s episode of Falling Skies, got its usual dose of relationship chatter out of the way early on. From my perspective, the romantic drama normally slows down the pacing of each episode, so taking care of all that lovey-dovey business at the start of the episode actually helped to keep the rest of the episode moving at a great pace.

As Weaver’s infection continued to put his life in danger, Tom took charge of the 2nd Mass and begun preparations to move Weaver to Charleston where he might have a better chance of survival. After realizing that their fuel supplies had been mostly used up by the hospital generators, Tom sent scouts to find more fuel while Anne and Lourdes tried desperately to find a treatment for Weaver’s infection.

Anne and Lourdes’ solution involved a sort of heated hemodialysis that would theoretically heat up Weaver’s blood and kill the parasite infection before pumping it back into his system. Since no machine in the hospital existed that could already do this, they were counting on Jamil to build one – which he did rather quickly.

Jamil has only been in a handful of Falling Skies episodes, but he must have been a brilliant engineer to be able to piece together a modified hemodialysis system in such a short period of time. I’d love to get more background on Jamil so we can link his super engineering and tech skills to his life before the occupation. I know he was some kind of engineer, but if he was a civil engineer I’d probably have a harder time believing that he could design medical equipment at the drop of a hat than if he was some kind of pioneer in bio-mechanichal engineering before the occupation.

Probably the biggest story of the episode was the recovery of a de-harnessed Karen, who had been tossed into ditch with other de-harnessed corpses. This turned out to be a really great plot line that tested my trust in familiar characters. I wasn’t sure if I should believe what Ben was saying about Karen, or if I could trust Karen and assume that Ben was paranoid and overreacting.

Karen turned out to be a great manipulator and was able to get both Ben and Hal to turn on one another and trust her for different reasons. Maggie was able to see Karen for what she really was, but not falling for Karen’s manipulative ways was not enough to protect her from Karen’s superhuman strength.

I got the feeling that Maggie knew more about Karen than she was letting on. Rather than alert Tom and the others to the danger that Maggie presented, she decided to face Karen on her own. Sure, Maggie might have just made a stupid decision this time, but the way Maggie warned Hal about Ben being in danger made me think that she knew more about Karen than she was telling us.

The recovery of Pope brought new information, although it came much too late. From what Pope gathered, the human resistance was of little interest to the Overlord occupation at this time. They were now much more concerned with quashing the Skitter rebellion that the red eyed skitter had talked about last week. Pope’s panicked information helped to validate the information the red eyed skitter provided and lend legitimacy to the skitter’s offer for an alliance. Unfortunately, Ben was about to lead their spy, Karen, right to the heart of it.

The reintroduction of Karen into the 2nd Mass injected Falling Skies with all sorts of new layers, twists and turns while simultaneously helping to make the dynamic between the Skitters and the Overlords a little more clear. There’s plenty of mystery left and I’m wondering if Ben knows what Karen is up to. He may be purposefully leading her away from his family and the 2nd Mass, or if he might just be blindly walking right into her trap. From the previews for next week, it doesn’t look good for Ben, but when it comes to Falling Skies, you can never be sure what to expect.