Eureka Series Finale “Just Another Day” Review

Eureka Series Finale "Just Another Day" Review

After five seasons and seventy seven episodes, it’s time to say goodbye to Eureka. Facing the closure of the town by the Department of Defense, the folks of Eureka are beginning to pack up and wonder what to do next. When wormholes suddenly appear threatening to destroy everything within the town’s radius, Carter risks himself to stop them before its too late. With everyone safe, the goodbyes continue until an unexpected surprise changes everything.

I find that series finales tend to fall into three categories: loose ends are tied up and the show reaches a conclusion (M.A.S.H., The West Wing), just another regular episode with some closure (Quantum Leap, Cheers), or its all some sort of a dream (Newheart, St. Elsewhere). On the other hand you could end up with a bizarre ending like the most recent version of Battlestar Galactica or the “they were in purgatory all along” ending of Lost. I would say that Eureka’s producers and writers found a way to thread the needle and gave us an episode that was just like a regular one, but still tying up loose ends and giving us some of the weirdness we came to expect from this show.

It would have been very easy for this episode to have been one long goodbye with lots of clips, but I thought making this more of a regular episode was a smart move by the writers since it gave it a more natural feel instead of a forced end. The wormhole storyline felt a little light, but given the circumstances around the shows cancellation the writers didn’t have much of a chance to do anything in depth. That’s not to say that it didn’t have some great funny moments and Carter’s trip through the wormhole seeing his life flash before his eye through a series of quick clips was a nice nod to the run of the show.

The best parts of the episode were seeing how the different couples were facing a future without Eureka, from Henry’s last gasp attempt to save Grace to Jo and Zane’s little passive aggressive discussion on what they should do next. I especially liked how Holly was used in the episode, considering that the writers left her without any Eureka memories in the last episode (such a great setup for Felicia Day if there had been a Season 6!). Seeing her rediscover Eureka was fun and led to her having some interesting encounters with Dr. Parrish, not to mention the best lines of the night. Having her and Fargo reconnect to travel the world on a new project was a nice sendoff for two of my favorite characters ever.

The way the show tied up things at the end was very nice. I’ll admit that I got a little verklempt when Jo proposed to Zane (which actually seemed to fit them well as a couple) and when Allison told Carter they were having a baby. Having James Callis reprise his role as Dr. Grant and come in to buy up Eureka and save the town was a nice twist and bring back a character I also enjoyed very much. Still my favorite moment of all was Zoey and Carter driving out of town in a scene paralleling their ride into town during the pilot, then seeing what seems to be their pre Eureka selves from the pilot drive pass them. The sheer craziness of the moment and Carter’s reaction of “I’ll worry about that tomorrow” was all-Eureka and a perfect way to end things.

My Favorite Parts from “Just Another Day”:

– “I think you might have been wormholed.” – Fargo
– “I remembered being wormholed by Dr. Fargo and I liked it!” – Holly
– “Man-tastic!” – Vince upon seeing a naked Parrish emerge from the wormhole
– “Fargo! We gotta put your thing in the hole before it blows!” – Carter to Fargo
– “Now I remember. You are all smart, but the Sheriff is the strong force. He holds it all together.” – Holly
– ” Eureka’s never been about the town. It’s about the people.” – Henry
– “As much as I complain, there’s no place I’d rather be.” – Carter
– Carter’s Jeep being destroyed one last time
– The cameos in the episode from Grant Imahara (of Mythbusters) near the beginning of the episode to Taggart coming back to the show’s creators Jaime Paglia (who also directed the episode).
– The way the writer’s addressed the sudden cancellation of the show (and subsequent confusion on whether there would be six episodes or just one to wrap things up) during Fargo’s attempts to prevent the closure (cancellation) of the town

Lastly, I wanted to take a moment to say how much I will truly miss Eureka. I remember watching the pilot and thinking what a great idea for a sci-fi show. There were no spaceships or mysterious islands with polar bears or robots set to destroy us. It was about how cool science can be even if it could lead to the destruction of a town or the world, and the Sheriff that was trying to keep it all under control. If there’s one thing that stings the most in this is that I think the show had really upped its game and created compelling storylines and characters these last two seasons. While some say it’s best to go out at the top, I think there were a lot more stories left to be told about Eureka. I also wanted to thank those of you who have read my Eureka reviews these last two seasons. I truly enjoyed writing about a show I cared so much about, and always found your questions or comments very interesting, and hope that you continue to visit TV Equals to find out more about the shows you like. Please feel free to share your thoughts on the end of Eureka in the comments section, as always I look forward to reading them.