Drop Dead Diva “Crushed” Review

Drop Dead Diva Crushed Season 4 Episode 7

On Drop Dead Diva this week, Jane defends a sixteen year old accused of murder, and Parker finds a replacement angel investor for the firm. ‘Crushed’ gives us one of the more satisfying cases of the fourth season, as well as a possible midseason change of dynamics for the firm.

Jane’s client was Chloe, a sixteen-year-old that she used to babysit, who was accused of killing a swim team rival who had accused Chloe of cheating on a test. If found guilty, Chloe would be kicked off the team and miss out on the only spot in her category at a competition. After her rival’s death, Chloe risks being found guilty of murder, and, despite her age, will be tried as an adult. Jane’s attempts at casting reasonable doubt on the evidence against Chloe backfires when her findings lead to Chloe’s younger sister Michelle being sought for the murder instead. But Michelle inadvertently gives Jane the piece of information she needs to identify the real killer — Chloe and Michelle’s mother.

Let’s be honest, there was little in this episode that was particularly mysterious: it was always going to be the sister or the mother. It was still a great episode and the meatiest this season when it comes to playing along and trying to find the murderer. I was convinced it would be Michelle up until Jane found the evidence against her, and then figured it must be the mom. It seems a little strange that no one checked to see whether the mother had a sound alibi for the murder, especially since her footwear was taken for testing too, but overall it was a good case.

The bit about the girls’ father going missing and being found in the garden felt tacked on. I was actually convinced that we would learn that he had become Tracey, the mother’s supposed sister, especially since they didn’t look a thing alike (which isn’t unusual but may have been a conscious casting choice if they were going in that direction). That this wasn’t the case was perhaps the most perplexing part of the episode for me. Were we supposed to assume that he had become Tracy? Or was she there as some form of misdirection in the murder case, although she only showed up once and had no reason to be in the episode, apart from the mention that Chloe and Michelle were going to live with her at the end?

Back at the firm, Parker has had enough of Luke. We can’t really blame him, since it’s a place of work and Luke is seen practising his martial arts and introducing a slushy maker, but the alternative doesn’t seem too great. Gina Blunt is an old friend of Parker and an old enemy of Teri, and despite Luke’s attempt at swaying her away from the company, Gina goes ahead and tells Parker that she’s going to invest. (And then she leaves because she has plans — i.e. dinner with Grayson. The less said, the better.) At the close of the episode Luke is seen packing up his things and leaving the office. What will he do now? And perhaps more importantly, is Teri right — will Gina try to get rid of her next?

During the course of the episode, Teri and Stacey did some snooping to figure out Owen’s whereabouts. Teri learns that he’s in Minneapolis, while Stacey looks through his Facebook friends and learns that he has an old college girlfriend in Minneapolis. The pair add two and two together and decide he’s therefore with said girlfriend. The episode ends with an admittedly nice scene where they (along with Jane’s mother) come together and start an ‘ex-fiance bonfire’ for Jane to burn all the memento reminders of her time with Owen.

I’m sorry but I still think is too easy. Surely Owen must come back next week and reveal that he was just freaking out about the engagement and that he hadn’t even seen his old girlfriend. Surely. Of course Jane should be angry and upset by his behaviour, and I get Teri and Stacey trying to track him down, but isn’t it a stretch to decide that he’s only gone to Minneapolis to be with another woman? I’m not saying he has any better reason to go there, but why did they make an upsetting situation more upsetting by assuming he’s with another woman — and then telling Jane about it? Why not wait until he’s back and then tell Jane about the possible other woman so she can ask him?

Overall, an enjoyable episode though. And the preview for next week definitely looks interesting. Is this the beginning of a new chapter for Jane or will Owen finally turn up and tell her where he’s been? I can’t wait to find out.

What did you think about ‘Crushed’? Want to see Owen back? Have reservations about Gina? Hoping we’ll get to see a lot more of Luke (for plot reasons, of course)? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!