Comic-Con 2012: Getting an Inside Look at Strike Back

strike back comic-con 2012 01

Late on Friday night at Comic Con 2012, I sat in on a panel for the Cinemax action drama Strike Back that stars Sullivan Stapleton and Philip Winchester as Sgt. Damien Scott and Sgt. Michael Stonebridge, respectively, who work for Section 20, a top-secret intelligence agency. And, this year the beautiful actress Rhona Mitra will join the cast as Capt. Rachel Dalton, who is offered the position of head of Section 20 following the death of Colonel Eleanor Grant.

During the panel the audience was treated to sneak peeks at the season premiere, which is set to air on Cinemax on August 17; and while I cannot divulge details without spoiling the storyline, suffice it to say, Strike Back is still in fine form and Scott will be on a one-man mission for which he may not return.

Moderator Alan Sepinwall, the TV critic at Hit Fix, asked Rhona if she could talk about her character Rachel. She simply shared that “there is nothing else (quite) like it”. As the panel went on, it became very obvious that she had a blast working on the show with Philip and Sullivan, reveling in the action and gunplay.

Of course, Philip and Sullivan were asked about the training involved in portraying their characters; and while they played down just how grueling their regimes are, Rhona shared “they don’t mess around” and the guys explained they “worked with former service men” to get it right. But, it would seem in some instance there were some – for lack of a better word – “errors” made in Season 1 (for which fans and those in the military pointed out to them) that they made sure to correct as much as possible this year. That being said both of the guys admitted they do as many of the stunts for which they are permitted; and were almost blown up once during the filming of season two.

All in all, though, it is obvious all three cast members enjoyed their time in South Africa, which is where season two is set, and reveled in all the action, nudity (which seems to be a staple for Sullivan), gun fights and drama.

Make sure to tune in to Cinemax on August 17 for the season two premiere of Strike Back.