Comic-Con 2012: Fringe Panel

Comic-Con 2012 Fringe Panel

Fringe fans camped out and waited in record breaking lines for the panel in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con. This was a sort of farewell panel before Fringe’s last season, so getting in line at midnight (or earlier) was a no-brainer for hard core fans.

Once inside, fans were given Fringe fedoras and sat down to watch a teaser reel that had been used to convince Fox to pick up Fringe for this final season. As the panelists entered, fans in the front section of Hall H held up pieces of paper with white tulips drawn on them, surprising and moving the panelists on stage.

Later, fans were also treated to a sort of “thank you” clip reel that was exclusive to the Comic-Con panel, highlighting memorable scenes from prior seasons.

JH Wyman, Joshua Jackson, Anna Torv, Jasika Nicole, Lance Reddick and John Noble were all present for the panel to talk a little bit about season 5, and to discuss the most memorable experiences they’ve had as a team working on Fringe.

Wyman revealed that season 5 would take place in the future. He admitted that he had ideas for the end of Fringe since season 1, but that over the course of the show, his ideas evolved and only a month or two ago, a final decision was made about how the Fringe story would actually end. He offered no guarantees for a happy ending, but promised that all the characters would get their “final chapter.”

Some of the cast were brought to tears as they talked about their favorite scenes and moments. Anna Torv, Lance Reddick and Jasikan Nicole were all moved by a particular Fringe moment when Astrid met her Alt-Astrid and discussed their fathers.

When John Noble was asked about his favorite moments, he started off with “I too am sensitive” and then listed off his favorite shooting moments, promising that he would not be crying on this panel. This turned the direction of the conversation to a much more funny topic – the casts most stomach churning memories about prop corpses, parasites, and dangling eyeballs.

Because the remaining season is only 13 episodes, the panel was incredibly tight lipped about what would happen in this last season. They wanted to preserve the ending and the story they were going to tell.

When asked if there might be any continuation of the Fringe story beyond this last season, Jasika Nicole joked about writing her own follow up comic, “The Adventures of Astrid.” John Noble suggested that if this season ended on a high note, anything was possible and that he would definitely be open to doing a follow up movie.

The panel ended with fans giving the panelists a standing ovation and the Fringe cast taking a bow to thundering applause. It was quite a spectacular finish to a panel that has been well loved at Comic-Con for years.

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