Comic-Con 2012: Doctor Who Panel

Comic-Con 2012 Doctor Who Panel

Once again, Doctor Who was huge at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, this time drawing lines for Hall H that started in the early evening the night before.

This year’s panel featured Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, Steven Moffat and Caroline Skinner, who gathered to talk a little bit about the experience of working on Doctor Who and to tease fans a bit about what the future held for the Doctor and his companions – especially with the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who just around the corner in 2013.

The new season will bring the “fall of the Ponds” as well as the introduction of a new companion for The Doctor. When Karen and Arthur were asked about how they felt about their end, Karen admitted that she cried for weeks. Both Karen and Arthur agreed, however, that they knew that this was the nature of Doctor Who and as difficult as it might be, this was part of why Doctor Who was such a unique and special series.

Karen and Arthur imitated one another to tell fans a little bit about what they would be working on after their run on Doctor Who. Karen would be working on two major projects – a romantic comedy, “Not Another Happy Ending,” and a supernatural drama, “Oculus,” while Arthur would be working alongside David Tennant on a new drama, “Broadchurch.”

Moffat said that he was sad about writing Amy and Rory’s end, and although he could not promise a happy ending, he trusted the story he was telling. Moffat also said that this new season would feature more Daleks than had ever been seen before, and Daleks from every generation, as well as weeping angels, dinosaurs, Westerns, comedy, tragedy, and in general, more variety than ever before.

Fans were treated to a couple clips from the upcoming season. The first was a little bit from an episode set in old western America and shot in Spain. The second clip, Moffat introduced by telling the audience that he had figured out the secret to success: “Put dinosaurs on a space ship.” Which was exactly what we saw.

When a fan asked Moffat about the potential for a future multiple-Doctor episode, Moffat didn’t deny the possibility and instead responded, “I’m not going to tell you.” This was just one of the many things Moffat had the answers to, but refused share – including the Doctor’s real name. When Moffat admitted to knowing what the Doctor’s real name was, Smith immediately started pestering him for the info, telling the audience that this was a prime example of what it was like to work with Moffat.

One fan asked if any of the cast had taken bits and pieces from the TARDIS to which they all casually responded that they had indeed done so. This led moderator Chris Hardwick to tell the story of the time he visited the Doctor Who experience in London where all the Doctor’s sonic screwdrivers had been displayed – except for number 10’s. When he asked the curator why number 10’s was missing, the curator explained that David Tennant had opted to “keep” his sonic screwdriver. Matt Smith enthusiastically agreed that he would also want to keep his sonic screwdriver at the end of his run.

The cast recounted some of their crazy and hilarious fan experiences and expressed how much they loved being at Comic-Con. This might have been the last Comic-Con panel to include the Ponds, but it was definitely a Doctor Who panel that will not be forgotten.

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