Comic-Con 2012: Being Human Panel

Comic-Con 2012 Being Human Panel

Although they were all on total lockdown when it came to hints about season 3, Sam Huntington, Meaghan Rath, Sam Witwer and showrunner, Anna Ficke entertained fans with their antics at their 2012 San Diego Comic-Con Being Human panel.

What they were able to tell us was that season three would pick up after a timeskip of about 15 months and that we’d be watching these characters crawl and claw their way out of the lowest points in their lives – or at least we’d watch them try. Ficke said a common theme of the show this upcoming season would be “be careful what you wish for,” but gave no further information about what that could possibly mean.

From the teaser they screened during the panel, it was clear that Aidan would get out of his coffin, but the panel refused to provide any information about how that happened. Fans were also able to see Sally in a different outfit than her ghostly grey leggings, tank and sweater combo, but all the panelists were mum about why that might be. They reminded fans that it was possible for all of it to be a flashback, an alternate reality, or even a dream, but they left it at that.

The panelists suggested that we’d be seeing another historical version of Aidan from his 260 years of life and that fans haven’t seen the last of the purebred werewolf either.

The cast cracked up the audience with jokes about the on-set quirks of their fellow cast members and running gags about “Vampirates” and love triangles. When info about the third season were being so closely guarded, their fun-loving and playful personalities were definitely the highlight of the Being Human panel at Comic-Con.

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