Comic-Con 2012: Alphas Panel

Comic-Con 2012 Alphas Panel

With one of my favorite SyFy shows returning to TV this month, I headed to the Alphas panel at San Diego Comic-Con to see if I could glean some new information about the upcoming second season and see what they had to say about their time working on Season 1.

The panel kicked off with a highlight reel from season 1 and a teaser trailer for the upcoming 2nd season packed with action and intensity that was just as engaging as the stuff we saw last season.

Fans were treated to a full panel including executive producer, Bruce Miller as well as cast members Azita Ghanizada, Warren Christie, Laura Mennell, David Strathairn, Malik Yoba, and new cast member, Erin Way. Azita Ghanizada and Malik Yoba tried to get Ryan Cartwright on the phone a few times to answer questions, but technical difficulties repeatedly prevented a successful connection.

The cast talked a little bit about how each of the characters would spiral out of control after the events at the end of the last season. Nina would become more of a compulsive manipulator; Hicks and Nina’s relationship would suffer and almost completely fall apart; Rachel would find love and then be betrayed by a fellow Alpha; Gary moves out of his house and in with the Alphas; and Cat, the new Alpha would help Bill learn how to control his ability.

The panel discussed some of the guest stars slated to appear in Season 2 of Alphas, including Summer Glau, Sean Astin, C. Thomas Howell, Lauren Holly, Steve Byers, Kandyse McClure, John Pyper-Ferguson, Noah Reid, Kathleen Munroe, and Mahershala Ali.

As an unexpected treat for fans at the Alphas panel, both Summer Glau and Sean Astin joined the panel to provide input on their characters and their roles in the new season of Alphas.

Summer Glau would be returning to the Alphas universe as Skylar Adams. Sean Astin would be stepping into the Alphas world as an Alpha with the ability to read and record the memories of the people close to him which makes him valuable to the Alphas team because he’s holding the memories of Stanton Parish.

Although the panel was informative, the moderator seemed to be asking very basic questions from a script, so the cast didn’t really have an opportunity to show us their personalities and we didn’t get a lot of information about their behind-the-scenes interactions (which is always one of my favorite things about going to panels.) To her credit, Azita Ghanizada did a great job trying to bring life to the panel, by asking other members of the panel different questions about their experiences with various aspects of production in an attempt to talk about more than just the standard “what will happen to your character this season” type of questions. I’m hoping Alphas will return to Comic-Con in future years – perhaps with another moderator who can step off the script and have some fun with this great cast.

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